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Beck on Bolin

Not the latest supergroup, but with Jeff Beck himself are (from Beck’s band) Jason Rebello, Narada Michael Walden (Tommy Bolin Band), Peter Frampton bassist Stan Sheldon (Energy) , and Tommy’s bother Johnnie, They were meeting up backstage at a recent Beck show in Kansas.

“of course it’s official, I got it off ebay!”

Beck, who is out and about promoting his new album Emotion & Commotion (which is kind of OK – some great playing of course but a bit laid back and lacking in substance compared to his last few – was quoted in Guitar World in May (2010) as saying:
“Billy Cobham’s Spectrum album gave life to me at the time, on top of the Mahavishnu records featuring Jan Hammer. It represented a whole area that was as exciting to me as when I first heard Hound Dog by Elvis Presley. They were inspirational to me to the point that I started to adopt that type of music. Tommy Bolin’s guitar playing on Spectrum is fantastic. What a sad loss.”

Thanks to Damian Phelan

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