A’s and B’s, blue and purple

Coloured waxtastic

It is perhaps hard now to appreciate how much interest there was in coloured vinyl pressings back in the late 70s and early 80s. I was reminded of this when reshelving some albums which had been out during work on the EMI Singles & EPs 2CD revamp. The original 1978 black vinyl pressing was quickly followed by a clear purple pressing, but for some reason EMI didn’t bother to advertise this, so news spread mostly by word of mouth (and of course the trusty DPAS fanzine).

I lived in Manchester at the time and was more than surprised to stumble on a dump bin full of cheap albums in Debenhams one lunch time, which included the A’s & B’s title. Even more surprising is that they were in clear blue vinyl… I grabbed an armful, and was able to trade them until supplied ran out. I notice that the card is looking a bit ‘foxed’ these days, a problem common to many Italian albums due to the poor quality of the materials.

The Harvest Heritage logo was a bit brash and somewhat at odds with the top quality design of much of the original label’s output, while the high leg cut bathing-suited gun-toting model on the front was clearly some art director’s particular fantasy, if somewhat out of keeping. That said, this was actually quite a pioneering series content wise, one of the first serious attempts to reissue back-catalogue, and a must for fans at the time.

The new 2CD As and B’s in in stock now at the DPAS Mailorder store.


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