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The Radio Times ran a piece in April to tie in (well, plug) with their rather desperate ‘I’m in a rock and roll band’ series on BBC2, and managed to get Ian Paice and Tina Weymouth onto the same page – Tina as writer Mark Ellen’s choice for bassist in a fantasy line-up (‘we’re not debating here, this is simply an announcement’), Ian choosing his favourite drummer (Buddy Rich). And I thought I was the only one who held a torch for the Talking Heads bassist – especially circa 1977/9.

We did watch a bit of the episode on drummers which concentrated as usual on the off-stage antics of Messers Bonham and Moon rather than their skills behind the kit. Ian Paice must have been charging for his appearance by the minute, so briefly was he on screen.
UPDATE : James Bateman caught the showing… 

Hmphh!   I must say I am rather less enthusiastic about the Beeb’s I’m In A Rock n Roll Band than Steve Hall (on the web site – ed). Yes, Paicey was on – saying “DRRRRR” for half a second and then being allowed one short sentence on the subject of John Bonham. That famous drummer Billy Bragg took a break from bothering the public with his politics and was given more airtime than Ian.  Jon only seemed to be on the next episode to have the P taken, with the narrator going on to ask whether a proper rock band should even have a keyboard player. The whole series was a disappointment, too many too-clever commentators, too fond of the sound of their own voices but with nothing to say and apparently unable to think beyond today’s received wisdom, eg. that anything longer than a one minute solo is simply pretentious crap, and a relentlessly “ironic” commentary.  It could have been so good too.
And have you seen the accompanying poll? Needless to say, no Purple people made the “experts’ ” shortlists but inevitably Zep are up for Best Band, Best Singer, Best Guitarist, Best Bassist and Best Drummer. There isn’t a Best Keyboard section, but doubtless they’d have been up for that too. Ringo Starr is on the Best Drummer list for pity’s sake!

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