House of Blue Light

I flagged up the sale of Deeves Hall in Darker Than Blue a couple of years ago (so probably last issue then?) suggesting that someone with a bit of cash might be interested in the ultimate DP collectable.

“Standing proudly against the beautiful sky, 350 year old Deeves Hall was exactly the home —– and —– were seeking.” So much so that they’ve put it right back on the market after a big make-over and at double the price (£2,250,000).

Richard Breeze sent us the clipping from his local paper, in which the property is headed ‘House of Blue Light’, so clearly someone at the estate agent has keyed in the band’s name to google and got their wires a bit crossed.

Anyway, more pictures can be found at the agent’s site until it sells. I’m off to contact the architects responsible for the ‘renovation’ to see what they have to say (I was in touch with them at the time and they promised to let me know if the infamous graffiti wall was uncovered during work on the inside of the house!).


5 Responses to “House of Blue Light”

  1. tzopilotl Says:

    …well, it may not be my place to say so, but if anyone’s interested in
    John Dawson’s last house, designed by his wife, Elana, it’s in san miguel
    de allende, gto., mexico. facing west, round picture-window kitchen,
    on a ridge south of town, view of veldt, presa (reservoir) and the blue
    guanajuato mts., living’s cheap, and it’s an 8 hour drive to Texas, with
    leon airport 2hours away, in high desert, 6,200 above sea level.
    good lungs a must!

  2. Steve West Says:

    It always surprises me how mundane the world of r’n’r was in those days. Obviously to save on studio time bands holed up wherever they could to write and rehearse. I think this aspect had a lot to do with the early quality of the music from such bands as DP and others of their time by cementing the members relationships to each other. In later years many bands lost this without knowing what they were leaving behind by becoming “professional”. Think about it; Shades = Deeves Hall, Fireball = That house in Devon which escapes me at the moment, Machine Head = The Grand Hotel, DP in Rock = Hanwell Community Centre, Burn = Clearwell Castle.

    Any news on the Graffiti Wall?

    • simon robinson Says:

      Very true Steve, and it extends to bands like The Stones, Traffic, Zeppelin of course, and many more. Maybe there is a book here for someone (I’ll pass as I’ve too much on already!). The Devon house was The Hermitage, which also came up for sale not long ago (and there’s that villa in Italy for Who Do We Think too…).

  3. purplepriest1965 Says:

    Cheers, Mark Nolde

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