an Apple a day

No. I’m not going to be struggling down to the Apple store to try and caress an iPad today. I’ll give it a couple of weeks for the queues to die down! Not as I especially want to buy one (though if money were no object I’m sure I’d splash out), but just to see how it looks and feels, and also to admire the thought and creative design input which have gone into it. To me it’s no different to checking an Aston Martin as it growls by, or looking at the joinery on a piece of Ercol furniture. I did the same with the iPhone Touch which is a great piece of kit (and would have succumbed by now except I got an Archos a couple of years ago to store my images on).

And at least we’ve been Apple fans for years, long before I ever bought one. Darker Than Blue is put together on one, Ann is still using a System 9 enabled machine for office work and a lot of my writing is done on a Macbook which I cart into various rooms or the garden as the mood / weather takes me. I’d actually find an iPhone more useful than an iPad to be honest, but the running costs are a little beyond me at the moment, while the Apple Air laptop is more seductive in a ‘I know I would get a lot of use out of it but my existing machine still has years of life left so be sensible’ way. Still, where’s the fun in life if you can’t still have a few things to aspire to or work for?

Because I’m very old school when it comes to books, and prefer vinyl to CDs, the iPad is clearly not aimed at me, while I suspect younger kids like the pocketability of their iPhones and similar too much to lust after something so ‘big’ (and are unlikely to be the slightest bit moved by the technology which has enabled it to actually be acheived). Still it’ll be interesting to see how the iPad settles down after all the hype (most of which to be fair seems to have come from the media chasing each other’s tails rather than Apple themselves), because it is far more of a domestic product than most from Apple. Far more elegant and user friendly than sitting on the sofa with a laptop that’s for sure, and a device which isn’t readily associated with ‘work’ – as a laptop invariably is (whether you’re using it for that or not). 

I did walk past the Sony shop yesterday though (while Ann was checking every ball of wool in her favourite knitting shop!) and the Sony eReaders didn’t half look suddenly very very old fashioned. I checked them out when they were launched last year but the interface was clumsy, the ePublishing standards are very restrictive and when I want a new book I’d rather enjoy half an hour in the Help The Aged bookshop and come away with a title for 25p (after invariably having dropped finished books off at the counter beforehand). I was seduced by the clean looks of a Sony digital radio a couple of years back, but learnt my lesson – it is now adorned with a piece of card taped to the top to cover up the channel display at night (which otherwise lights up the whole room), plus two blobs of blu-tac so you can find the relevant push-button switches as they’ve all been made exactly the same, which is no good when you’re half asleep and fumbling for the on switch and end up hitting the wrong one! 

Anyhow, time to fire up the Mac G4 and finish off another CD package. Just turning the damn thing on in the morning is such a pleasure (you stroke your finger across the screen casing!) and there’s not many bits of kit you can say that about.


3 Responses to “an Apple a day”

  1. Vincent John Collins Says:

    I took my bird to the Apple Store (in Meadowhall) for a shufty mid-afternoon yesterday and we got our hands on one straight away. She wants one but will have to struggle along with her creaking iBook G4 until iPhone OS 4 comes out in the Autumn – a time by which the bugs in the hardware at least should have been ironed out. As for turning on your G4 by stroking the screen casing… that’s not a feature I’ve come across other than on my Apple Cinema Displays.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Yes, it’s a Cinema display – well, the smaller Studio display. I found it reduced in Coles – sorry, John Lewis – in Sheffield. I’m just hoping it keeps going as I prefer it to the newer ones.

  2. ourpelaar Says:

    Wish I was so lucky.
    Still ages behind and struggling with the other, ahem, system.


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