We’re only here for the beer…

smoke on the waterAll Deep Purple ale fanciers will be pleased to learn that a Smoke On The Water brew is due out any moment. The bad news is that it’s being brewed in America, and only for a limited time. It’s being produced by the Heavy Seas Beer Co. based in Maryland (the beer – or more properly porter – will only be available in states in the Mid-Atlantic region and possibly some of the Northeast) in both 22 oz. bottles and limited draft. They describe it as “a rich and complex porter. The subtle smokey flavor comes from the use of smoked malt. Try it with anything that’s been cooked on a grill or smoker to compliment the flavor.” There’s even the notes of the riff printed so you can hum along and you reach for the bottle opener.

I have to say that the packaging and label graphics are really awful; a shame they didn’t try and do this through the proper channels really (though to be fair, most the local Sheffield breweries show a similar lack of design sense on their tacky looking labels) as there are designers in the DPAS who specialise in this sort of design work (hi Neil!).

Oh, and the important detail. 8% ABV.


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