Post Office Box

An era has ended! Deep Purple reformed back in 1984 and with the growing increase in the post, the DPAS took the decision to pay for our very own Post Office Box. This meant that as we’d just moved house, people wouldn’t traipse all over Sheffield looking for us (it did happen!). For a modest quarterly sum, the Royal Mail gathered up any post addressed to the PO Box and we could either collect it when we wanted or have it delivered on to wherever we were. This is the PO Box number which got added to innumerable record and CD sleeves, magazines and catalogues, and goodness knows what else.

In recent years though, the switch to electronic delivery has become almost 100% and as we’re trying to make economies at the moment, the PO Box has bitten the dust. Ann has carried our access card (and it was just that, a printed sheet about the size of a credit card) around with her for over 25 years and is proud to say she never lost it once. We haven’t been able to bring ourselves to consign this battered souvenir to the recycling bin just yet, so it’ll sit in the office a little longer.

Next up? We’re both struggling to recall when we last sent or received a fax, so the vintage fax / phone (which is so weedy we can no longer get the extension to pick up a signal outside the office room – which is why some of you might have struggled to get hold of us lately) might have to be put out to grass before much longer…


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