The Man On Black

rainbow vinyl reissuesTwenty five years after the arrival of the compact disc, and still vinyl manages to keep reminding ourselves of our mis-spent youth. Even so it’s quite hard to see who the latest batch of Rainbow reissues is aimed at, as most of us who bought them at the time have either still hung on to the originals, or long since dropped them off at the charity shop on the way to get one of the numerous CD versions. Because unlike a lot of seventies albums, few by Rainbow have actually achieved the status of collectable. There may be some folk who want to replace worn-out originals I suppose, but in that case it isn’t too hard to find a nice tidy original.

In fact it’s probably true to say this lack of value cuts right across the ‘spin-off’ bands. So whereas many of the Deep Purple catalogue albums are getting rarer and rarer, especially in good condition, those by Rainbow, Gillan, Whitesnake and company just seem to draw withering looks from the second-hand dealers at fairs.

Maybe I’m just biased against repros of any sort, preferring to find an original or do without. To me the point of new vinyl editions is to provide something interesting for collectors – different tracks, extra pictures, inner bags -why not a brand new Rainbow collection for example just to tickle the jaded palates of us collectors. It also feels a tad unfair to drop the entire set on the world all in one go; even with a lot of shopping around buying all eight is going to clock in at well over £100, especially when you add in postage. They’re promising gatefold sleeves on the sales sheet, so maybe they’ve come up with something for those titles which only had single sleeve first time around (or maybe not). And whoever has organised the series seems to have forgotten about Bent Out Of Shape too…

Still if you want them, don’t hang about (the DPAS store has them on order). It looks as if those vinyl editions of Deep Purple at Montreux have been deleted already!

UPDATE 1 – It turns out that the first 1,000 copies of each titles are pressed in a rather nice coloured transparent vinyl, and instantly the collector in me wants a set! For some reason the sales sheet didn’t make much of this fact and I certainly missed it. Anyway, here’s a scan of one. They also have very smart new label designs. The first four (they seem to be staggering the release now) are in stock now at the DPAS store .

rainbow first album coloured vinyl


14 Responses to “The Man On Black”

  1. Janne Samuli Says:

    Bent Out of Shape will be released in April

  2. Mike Galway Says:

    Are there any promo posters for sale?

  3. AD Says:

    Sure thing — it’s all in the total care taken in the process, and I’ve got some 180g pressings that are far from special. That laser table is out there but it costs a small fortune (over $10k in the US) and oddly, some hard core vinyl fanatics disparaged it in review mags as making Lps sound like CDs. Others just miss seeing that arm and needle. It also has problems with colored vinyl. I’d still love one though….see:

    • simon robinson Says:

      It would be nice to at least see and hear one of these, though way out of our budget I have to say.

  4. adillon Says:

    The vinyl appeal for some rides on the sound – there is often an effort to produce new vinyl releases with better quality vinyl for audiophiles, and they also can serve as replacements for older worn out stuff, I suppose. And let’s face it, LP’s are just more fun to handle and have better sleeves! These releases, (going) by that ad, seem to be on new 180g vinyl – no real guarantee of better sonics but one might hope. Not clear if there is any new production involved.

    • simon robinson Says:

      According to the experts, 180gsm (grams) only really means the record is made from thicker vinyl, but does not guarantee the audio quality in any way beyond the hope that a label prepared to use it will take care over the audio end as well. Older original pressings can sound better if the reissues were not mastered well.
      The other bonus is that 180 pressings are made from new or ‘virgin’ vinyl, whereas in olden times a proportion of recycled vinyl had been introduced (30% or so). This, coupled with labels looking to save money by going down to 140 and 120 gsm pressings led to the lessening of quality.
      I know just before Cds were launched a Japanese company was promising a laser turntable, which read vinyl without any direct contact, and one wonders if they hadn’t got there a little quicker CDs might not have taken off the way they did. The machine is still made though I’ve never seen one for real.

  5. Paul Mann Says:

    Well, the vinyl fetishist in me couldn’t resist these and very nice they are too. But does anyone know why “Do You Close Your Eyes” has migrated to the beginning of Side Two of “Rising”? Seems bizarre to me. All the others seem be to be sequenced as the originals.

  6. Janne Samuli Says:

    Same company will release in August some of Whitesnake’s catalogue as well. (Lovehunter, Ready an’ Willing and Live…in the heart of the City)

    • simon robinson Says:

      It’s true; these will also have limited coloured vinyl runs. They’re on our catalogue if anyone wants to pre-order them. By the way we had to return half our order of the first Rainbow album vinyl reissue; they were shrinkwrapped but the sharp edge of the disc had cut a small tear through the edge of the album sleeve. A real shame.

  7. Gary Critcher Says:

    I say, that looks rather nice!

  8. Jeff Breis Says:

    I agree with you, Simon.
    In order to buy the albums once again (for maybe the fourth or fifth time in some cases), there needs to be something extra special about them. Bonus tracks, booklets and/or posters are a good reason for the purchase, but I am not so sure about coloured vinyl. That’s not such a big deal to me. I’ll pass.
    On the other hand, I see that Rainbow ‘Live In Munich 1977’ is out on vinyl. That, I would buy, but only if it is a legitimate release (is it?). The reason for getting that one is because it never has been out on LP before.
    Stacks of records in an orderly fashion are still the best way to decorate a room, if you ask me (but don’t ask my wife!).
    Have a nice day!

    • simon robinson Says:

      Live In Munich 77 is legit, and the pictures look great on the sleeve. I did the notes for this one too, though don’t let that influence you one jot! I used to have lots of coloured vinyl editions on the wall at our old flat, in covers I made by sticking one plastic sleeve inside the other to form a dust seal… There are a lot of people who feel coloured vinyl is better quality than black, and this is the reason the Japanese pressed a number of titles in red wax on very short runs during the early 1970s – those by Deep Purple fetch hundreds now. Now Jeff, can you explain the words ‘orderly fashion’ to me?

  9. Andy DiGelsomina Says:

    Okay, I’m a total sucker for that colour. The inner label is terrific as well. This is EXTREMELY tempting.

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