Twist In The Ox Tail

“From the blazing stovetop of Montreal’s Annick Giroux (spoken in the deep gravel tones of one of those cinema trailer voice overs) comes an inspired heavy metal cookbook full of favourite recipes from members of ….” and then we get a long list, but NO Deep Purple! Maybe they were contacted but wouldn’t play ball as they weren’t heavy metal. But neither were Uriah Heep or Thin Lizzy, and they’re in.

Surely Purple’s early In Rock out-take JAM STEW would have been a shoe-in? Still full marks for a daft idea. They’ll be publishing Heavy Metal Activity & Puzzle Books next; “Here are the names of 30 members of Whitesnake. See if you can put them in the correct order of being fired…”

Oops, scratch that idea, someone already has. Well, not the Whitesnake puzzle (as far as I know!).


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