Rainbow Deluxe (update 2)

I’ve left this page up for people to read all the comments about the release which appeared here up to the release date…. to get up to date, go to Rainbow Deluxe (update 3)!


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  1. brenski Says:

    I like the instrumentals… the cozy version of all night long is just an excuse for cozy to thrash out but the rest is very good. RB and the boys have done something great for the fans, shame Queen don’t do the same with their stupidly pathetic offerings scheduled for March 14th.

  2. Neil Maughan Says:

    Classic Rock’s website are saying that DTE is out 24.01.11. Here’s hoping….

  3. Ingo Says:

    Thanks for the fast answer. So I will wait another (few) months. It’s not really new that CDs are not released on the first date that the companies publish.
    Jethro Tull’s first remasters were released two years after the first (release) date and the Genesis ones are also very late.
    Best Ingo and thanks to Simon.

  4. peter l crisp Says:

    Simon, hope all is well, looking forward to the “Rising” reissue. Occasionally I will buy cd’s from Japan, the Japanese (edition) will always have lyrics, but to my shock and surprise, the reissues (there)
    have been cancelled! Originally they were looking at a September release and the last date is or was the 27th October, but no more. Are they still going ahead with the new editions?

    • simon robinson Says:

      Still no confirmed European release date peter (and Ingo!). As far as I know they are still awaiting approval from RB on amended artwork. It’s true that almost all Japanese editions have an extra black and white booklet with the lyrics in over and above a reprint of whatever booklet comes with the European edition. And no the original albums of Rising and Down To Earth lacked lyrics. Well, except Rising did include the words to Stargazer on the inner sleeve, but left the others off!

  5. dubbleagle Says:

    Simon will these be available on Itunes?

  6. Soren Says:

    Speaking of deluxe rereleases, check out the forthcoming 30th anniversary release of Bruce Springsteen’s Darkness on the Edge of Town.
    Imagine this being done to Ritchie BlackmoreĀ“s Rainbow or Perfect Strangers or… I guess you need to have all the extra material. And all of the musicians involved to actually care.

    • simon robinson Says:

      You should see what EMI are preparing for Bowie’s Station To Station (deluxe isn’t enough to describe it) later this year – you’ll need a TRUCK to take it home in! The sad thing is, we’d have been there first with Made In Japan but the project is still ‘on hold’ for reasons I can’t get my head around.

  7. danielbeng Says:

    Are these releases still set for an August/September release?

  8. Graham Says:

    I’ve seen long clips from the Donington show on YouTube, although I agree it would be nice to be able to watch it “properly” on TV from a DVD.
    Can’t wait for the new Rainbow albums. It’d be great if they could all be released this way.

  9. Tony GARCIN Says:

    Great news about these long awaited reissues. Too bad for the Donington show. Maybe next time!
    Can we hope to see next reissues of the other RAINBOW classics like the first album, Long Live R’N’R, Difficult to Cure, Straight Between the Eyes and Bent Out of Shape?

    • Henning Dale Says:

      Hopefully a deluxe edition of Long Live Rock ‘N Roll will see its day too…, as there are a rough mix edition of this one too floating out there on the bootleg market…. And maybe some unreleased live recordings could be added as bonus tracks too..??

  10. Neil Maughan Says:

    Well it’s encouraging to see these two releases come out.. let’s hope there is more to follow. However, I hope I’m proved totally wrong, but I can’t shake off the nagging feeling that we’re scrapping the bottom of the barrel here with the “bonus” stuff. The “rough mixes” etc, have been around for ages. Personally, I would have liked to see some previously unavailable live stuff from Mk2 on the Rising CD (or the complete Jap shows would have had me dancing round the room like a mad fool) and, as others have said, the Donnington show would have been a great addition to DTE, and would have completed that set very nicely indeed, after all it was Cozy’s last show. However, despite the mixed emotions over these releases, I appreciate the hard work the people involved have put into this, I can imagine it hasn’t been easy to get to this point. Maybe it would be a worth while exercise to see what people would like to see released from Rainbow… with all the line up changes there must be some good stuff lying around – if it were available somewhere and had survived of course. Anyone for Night People…..

    • simon robinson Says:

      Asking fans what they want to spend their money on? Now there’s a novel concept Neil! And it’s good that at least the musicians get something back from putting these out officially. I also often wondered about that late JLT-era Cardiff show, given how energetic the b-sides they once issued from it were.

      • Paul Haye Says:

        If you’re interested the JLT-era Cardiff 82 show is actually very easy to track down – it’s available in it’s entirety streamed at wolfgang’s vaults, sourced from the original KBFH broadcast recordings – look it up on google. As boring a singer as JLT is, it’s actually a damn good show, particularly thanks to the man in black (tights).

      • simon robinson Says:

        ‘Tis true. The problem with that site is nobody is sure of the legality of what is going on. Normally when a CD is released, the band and publishers get paid. I’m not sure this happens here. Some groups and labels have taken action, including Deep Purple who asked for the Long Beach stream they were offering to be removed. On the other hand, if we wait for people to try and clear this officially we’ll probably all be pushing up daisies!

    • Andy DiGelsomina Says:

      I completely agree about the Donington show. I get this morbid feeling that we won’t see a full dvd release of that show until somebody dies. I realize that’s awful and cynical, but it makes sense. The Down to Earth reissue would have been perfect with a dvd, but I guess we’re out of luck. Still, looks like the packaging is terrific, plus there’s “Bad Girl” a great song with an outstanding solo from Ritchie.
      I am also wondering when some of the other Bonnet live shows will be packaged and mixed properly. The Tokyo 1980 show in particular, but it would be lovely to hear boots like Down to Denver or Down to Graham done up. Maybe a compilation of live boots?

      • simon robinson Says:

        Andy, don’t get too morbid. After all we’ve lost two of the ‘classic’ line-up in recent years, we don’t want to lose any more. Simon

  11. Mike Galway Says:

    The question is when Simon, when?
    P.S.Why did none of Sabbath or Zeppelin go bald when Ritchie, Roger and Little Ian all did? And why did Tommy have a scar above and on his lip just like Ritchie?

    • simon robinson Says:

      Questions I fear might well be beyond us mere mortals Mike. Happy to forward them to Gillian Anderson to investigate if you give me her address… As of whenever it was I posted the initial news, the final artwork was with Blackmore’s office to be approved. So I would expect release of the CDs could be as early as August / September.

  12. Roy Watson-Davis Says:

    I too have the ‘Tower of Babel’ rough mixes/rehearsal stuff on cdr and really hope that these 2 releases will lead to more re-issues (though how much have we all spent on vinyl version, 1st cd issue, cd reissue, deluxe reissue etc etc.)

  13. Andy DiGelsomina Says:

    I’m excited for these reissues, the packaging and extras are extremely enticing. I mean, double digipak DTE and Rising? Woo-hoo is right!

    I’m a tiny bit disappointed that the Donington show didnt “show” here. It’s about time somebody dug up the whole video of that show in particular.

  14. Anton Blick Says:

    At last!! I really hope the Donninton concert 80 will be released in the future. This will do for now.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Anton, I expect this recording has been suggested in the past as a stand alone release, but if not we’ve reminded them of it again. Obviously it would need approval from Blackmore but it does seem to be a recording which a lot of people remember thanks to the half hour highlights on TV at the time.

  15. Mark Jones Says:

    I am thinking that the “Rough Mix” is the Cozy Powell mix that is readily available off the web? Or perhaps its another version!
    Whatever, a most welcome couple of releases

  16. Steve West Says:


    At long last a release to get excited about!
    Bootleg collectors will know that the instrumental out takes from DtE are undoubtedly the rough mixes that have been in unofficial circulation for many years. I don’t know if they are in fact rough mixes or alternative takes. They do though make interesting listening. Without the vocals and with Ritchie higher in the mix it’s fascinating to hear the detail in his playing which was so often mixed way too far down in the final mixes.
    The Rising set is even more interesting. Again I have a copy of the rough mixes bootleg which I imagine are the bonus tacks on this release. I also have a copy of what I always thought was the original UK CD release which has a longer intro to Tarot Woman (ca. 9 seconds) Both the New York and LA mixes have the same length on this release which begs the question…. which version is it I have? It doesn’t really matter though. It just makes the release all the more interesting. I’m drooling already…
    These are Rainbow’s two finest albums in my opinion. What more could we ask for? Oh okay, plenty I’m sure but what a start….

    • simon robinson Says:

      Yes, as Steve says quite a lot has circulated amongst collectors, but it is good to get it officially at last. It is also excellent that Blackmore has finally twigged fans do want to hear this sort of material (remember his disparaging comments about the bonus bits on Machine Head?!), and might be tempted to authorise one or two more.
      I’m wondering where the American original CD issue of Rising fits into the story, as that mix was certainly different to the European one – maybe we’ll get the answers here.

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