Come taste the man

come taste the band advertUPDATE 4 • The artwork is now finished and one member reports a release date of October 24th 2010 (see the latest comments section below for more).


If you’re one of those Tommy Bolin fans who really enjoys listening to the man cutting loose, then be prepared to wet yourself. No, on second thoughts, wet yourself now and get it over with BEFORE you listen to the guitar / drum out-take on the Come Taste The Band reissue.

Let’s face, a guitarist jamming with a drummer, how much fun is that going to be? And truth is, this isn’t really fun at all, just an electrifying and often blistering five minutes of guitar mayhem which makes you want to go back in time some thirty five years and crucify every drug dealer who ever got within range of the man and abetted his decline over the next twelve months.

I’m left imagining the stunned silence which would have followed something like this on stage during the often rambling solo spots which marked out those final British tour dates.

To whoever decided to keep the reels rolling, thank-you. Five more amazing minutes to blind the unbelievers with. Yes, you’re right, there is another bonus track; it’s a sort of backing piece, and worth having as you can actually hear Jon Lord romping away for once – the original album managed to largely eliminate his efforts – remember the famous review headline ‘Oh Lord why hast thou forsaken us? Sadly the remixes on the whole have done nothing to rectify this.

The 2CD and limited vinyl editions can both be ordered at the DPAS online store.

Glenn Hughes and Tommy Bolin in the poolUPDATE 1 & 2  – I’ve been working on the final artwork for a few days now and thought you might like to see a few unpublished pictures from those I’ve gathered together for the booklet. To kick off with, a shot of Glenn and Tommy relaxing in the pool in late 1975 – shades of Hockney’s A Bigger Splash about this! Nice shot of Tommy during rehearsals for an early open air show, perhaps New Zealand.
Anyone who borrows these to repost, please link back to this page and credit Darker Than Blue.

Tommy Bolin rehearsing with Deep Purple

UPDATE 3 – As some collectors will remember, the You Keep On Moving single from early 1976 in Britain used a very neat special label design, featuring the heads of the five band members around the centre. After the band split, this design was of little use, but did turn up again on the posthumous album Made In Europe until someone realised it was the wrong line-up. Anyway, I figured it would be nice to use the design for the Come Taste Cd labels. Had I known how difficult this was going to be I would have kept my mouth shut! The artwork is long lost, so it was a case of scanning an existing label, spending hours dropping the half tone screen out and then cleaning up the image. Anyway, this is something as to how it will look (text and titles still to be applied).
Deep Purple special label design

20 Responses to “Come taste the man”

  1. Bill Pierce Says:

    One more tid bit to offer, a slightly funny story for me anyway. I saw MK4 once, in their last daze (get that pun), they played in Tennessee with Aerosmith and Ted Nugent, Purple headlined. Anyway I think it was during I Need Love, David was using a regular straight Mic Stand (the first time I had seen him use a standard stand). David walked across the stage when Glenn wasn’t paying attention, and he grabbed Glenn’s mic and did a short verse, Glenn turned around and saw David using it! I think he might have been peeved at that! I was only 15 and it was my 1st concert ever, but I can remember it pretty well. Then they shared a short verse together, with Glenn’s Mic! Bill

  2. Bill Pierce Says:

    I know that everyone thinks that T Bolin is the star on this CD, which he does sound very fresh, but nobody mentions that David’s voice has also matured on this CD! He really sounds like the man in charge on the CD, Dealer-Drifter-Love Child-I Need Love-You Keep on Moving are all propelled by the Coverdale compression on this CD, so for me he is the Star of the CD, and he’s the one who mentioned Bolin to the others in the first place. If the Dealers could of been kept away, who knows how that would have played out. Oh well live and learn Good work Simon

  3. Soren Says:

    Don´t know if this is the place for this question, but… Any news on the reunion remasters? (When ARE we gonna get a proper the House of Blue Light…? And a good full live gig from the ´88 tour, maybe?)
    Greetings from the ever hopefull…

    • simon robinson Says:

      No news Soren; they are still missing the multi-tracks. That will teach them not to have me archive them!

  4. blackersmaniac Says:

    Hey Simon, CTTB 40 pounds on amazon?
    Absolutely insane!

    • simon robinson Says:

      You can get it from the DTB online store for less than half that! It’s probably one of their regular mistakes…

  5. purpledaniel Says:

    You have done a damn good job with all the past releases and rereleases so far. I don’t want to be rude, but when you accused Amazon from posting false release dates so everyone preorders, I would remind you that many DP releases from the DPAS are actually released months and even years after the initial date was published. I don´t blame you, just to make you remember that nobody´s perfect.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Damn, here’s me thinking I was! The difference is 1) our members like to know of titles as soon as possible and can always call us (or read the website) for updates, etc. 2) the DPAS aren’t taking any money up front. 3) we pay our UK taxes! And 4) we don’t demand discounts of up to 60% on titles so we can put others out of business. But hey, that’s capitalism for you. Sucks I know. These cuts the Tories are bringing in? It equates almost exactly to the sum of £6bn Vodaphone were able to avoid in taxes thanks to a deal with HMRC not long ago. Nice.

  6. Pete Fernandez Says:

    Heard that it now has an October 25th release date!!! Can’t wait! Thank you to all those involved!!!

    • simon robinson Says:

      Well you know more than me then Peter! All I know is I spent all Monday afternoon wrestling with the vinyl label art – there was a mysterious grey block which kept obscuring part of the design. The some joker at BT cut through the LAN and took broadband out for our part of town. Then I tried to burn the art to disc to mail but after three failed discs (connection unstable warning notices) using two types of software I had to copy the art to a memory stick (which takes ages on my older G4), then transfer to the laptop and finally get a successful burn. Ann called the post office to find that we’d technically missed the deadline for next day delivery options, but they kindly offered to hold the post van if I could get down quick. We got stuck behind a learner driver doing 20mph all the way! Happily the post van waited and the job is now officially off my desk and being tweaked by Hugh at EMI for production (barcodes, logos and stuff).
      I have to say the gatefold package looks good; cannot wait to see it in the flesh as it were (these days everything is done on screen; even the proofing). At DC’s request the sleeve colour cast has been modified to make it more of a wine colour (which is what the band wanted) and less like bottled beer, and looks better for it – the original looks almost muddy in comparison. As the original art and images are lost, I had to work from a mint sleeve which is not ideal, but hopefully the updating is minimal and sympathetic.
      There hasn’t been the room to include the bonus tracks on the vinyl sadly. I did hear the first set of vinyl test records had been rejected and a new set was ordered up with some audio mods, so look forward to hearing it.
      The post office by the way had to pull the blinds down. With no internet, a lot of their system don’t work. It finally came back on 24 hours later. I bet BT won’t be offering a partial refund to affected businesses! Indeed most people will as usual think it was a problem at home, so BT will get away with it.

  7. Mike Eriksson Says:

    Its like waiting for christmas, only slightly different. I get that kid like feeling from many years ago. MIKE

  8. Steve B-Ks Says:

    Am impatiently waiting! Have had my order in for awhile now. I find myself breathing hard thinking about how that jam must sound, I saw the Lakeland Florida show 2/6/76…

  9. John C Says:

    Thanks Simon for the info. Like the others I’m really looking forward to the reissue – its up there with their very very best (In Rock, Burn, Made in Japan). Shame about the 1976 tour though – I was at the Glasgow Apollo show.
    Thanks for all you do on the website – its the best!!

  10. Roy Watson-Davis Says:

    Great news re out-takes! Look forward to your 60th birthday issue of Darker Than Blue ( good to time the issue number with your actual birthday!) Funnily e-bay had ‘Darker Than Blue’ for sale under vinyl-mmm don’t remember that particular release…and the cover seemed to be 12″ square….

    • simon robinson Says:

      I confess I’m struggling to get that fortnight clear space to wrap-up Issue 60, so looking at perhaps doing a couple of issues quite quickly, with the first trying to round up all the records and DVD’s with reviews and associated articles…

  11. Roy Watson-Davis Says:

    Erm same paragraph twice! and are these different out-takes to those from the rehearsal cds issued a while back?

    • simon robinson Says:

      I’ve corrected that duplicate paragraph Roy. It’s a strange quirk of this software that it does sometimes duplicate text when you move an image about.
      Yes, the two out-takes most certainly have not been heard anywhere before, not since the master tapes were sealed up back in 1975.

  12. timothy campbell Says:

    Wet myself? Wot, again!
    I can’t wait to hear this release, I’ve deliberately NOT played CTTB for ages so as to get the maximum pleasure! (I have cheated by having the MK4 NZ/Oz boots on my playlist though).
    I always thought that Lord “underplayed” on Come taste so that Tommy would be the star – which he most def. is!

  13. Heimdall Says:

    Thank you! I’m really looking forward to this one.

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