Public Service Announcement.


In all the current gloom engendered by the talks of cuts and slashed budgets which the new government is wallowing in, it is a real treat to learn that the BBC are not going to be allowed to close Radio 6 after all (click to see the announcement on the BBC’s own site).
The station has flaws, but is head and shoulders above anything else when it comes to such a wide ranging popular music remit. You get current stuff banged up against vintage sessions and In Concerts and, while we don’t have music radio on too much during the day (and do favour Radio 4 and 7), it’s important for those kids who are serious about pop music to be able to get a proper sense of perspective through the mix of old and new. Indeed I’m still picking up on old rock which passed me by at the time (the two Neu albums being the latest example) thanks to DJs airing bits on 6Music. For me the only way it could get better is maybe take some of the more esoteric shows from Radio 2 across (Brian Matthews Saturday Morning show and The Organist Entertains – top!) and recommission Mixing It (axed by Radio 3 some years back).
If you’ve not yet discovered the delights of digital radio then get down to an indie electric store and treat yourself. But do make sure you’re in an area where reception is OK – there are still some frustrating gaps in coverage!
Thanks to Chris Meloche who passed the news on to me.

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