ian gillan in jackie magazine 1971Jackie was a popular weekly teenage girls magazine and included a lot of pop music coverage amongst the cartoon strips and articles. It started in early 1964 and was popular for being printed in colour throughout, a rarity for any magazine back then. They had regular full page pin-ups of popular (‘dishy’!) pop, film and TV stars. Apart from the well-known names, they did cover bands not in the mainstream. One of the only full page colour pictures of Episode Six I’ve ever seen was a Jackie pin-up. 

Jackie also latched on to Deep Purple before most other publications, and during 1969 and 1970 featured a number of small gossipy stories about the group as well as a few pin-ups.

Many of these feature photographs not seen anywhere else, so Jackie’s publishers might have used their own freelance contacts to get pictures. Owned by the canny Scots firm DC Thompson (owners of Beano) Jackie was printed cheaply and on poor paper, so copies don’t survive very well, though Ann still has a couple of Jackie pin-ups which she kept taped to the inside of her desk lid at school!

Anyhow, John Barnes found a second hand copy in Canada recently (the magazine was UK based but did also sell to English speaking countries), dated May 1.1971, which uses one of a photo session of the band taken leaning against some pinball machines in late 1969. He sent us the scan.

Jackie folded in 1993 but though the retro industry has issued a number of ‘best of’ reprint books, and there has even been a couple of compilation CDs using Jackie artwork. Deep Purple have yet to figure in any of these!

ian gillan in jackie magazine 1971


3 Responses to “Jackie”

  1. Lee Says:

    I won a fiver from the Jackie mag once. I thought it was Christmas when that happened! It’s Chrismas again seeing that photo.

  2. captainjjb Says:

    yeah I remember a small Jackie article on the early Mk3. I gave it to the DPAS editor back in the early 80’s and recall him swooning because it was a Clearwell Castle picture that he’d never seen before. I thought he should get out more!

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