Nasty Habits

Is this the worst name for a Deep Purple related band ever? Discuss! Mind you as they’ve just changed their upcoming CD cover for the third time perhaps it was easier to go with the name they had rather than try and come up with something less corny. Nevertheless I must admit we’re quite looking forward to this one, as so much of the early material is neglected (and if we hear Deep Purple do Hush one more time we’ll scream – but not in a good way). The Nasty Habits are also releasing a single, which is a cover of Roadhouse Blues (which Nick explains was on The Door’s fifth album, and is a track he’s always liked). Anyway, if you’ve not gone looking yet, we’ve just had a decent promo pic of the group sent in, which we can post here. Good to see Nick looking well too.

nick simper and nasty habits

The live CD can be pre-ordered from the DTB store, there is a link on the homepage.


4 Responses to “Nasty Habits”

  1. Grannypants Says:

    I love Nicks bass playing, but the Nasty Habits singer has to go. Nick (and Rod) did some great work after Purple for which I don’t think they get the respect they deserve. Its too bad that their departure was so bitter, but thats usually how it goes with groups as epic as Purple.

    Rock on Nick!

    • simon robinson Says:

      ALL groups as far as I can see! I guess they’re just a microcosm of society as a whole. But you’re right, Warhorse and Captain Beyond seen to be known only to a select few.

  2. captainjjb Says:

    Roadhouse blues was played by Status Quo for years – and you can hear why. It sounds like the whole Quo genre was build up from it. Check out the version on “Quo Live”, the original one from Glasgow with the four original members.

    • simon robinson Says:

      I must buy a Status Quo record sometime! The mid-era ones used to clog up the charity stores, but no longer – a sure sign of respectability. The next reasonably priced Quo Live LP I spot has my name on it. Actually I’m vintage enough to have seen the original crew a few times during the early 70s, and great shows they were too, even though the material did tend to blur after the first fifteen minutes or so. I suppose it was a bit like The Ramones in the later 70s, after the initial rush you just locked into it and went with the flow. And even in a decade when denim was made into every item of clothing imaginable, I’ve still never seen so much in once place before (or since).
      Thinking about Quo, I wonder if it’s right that once a band picks a logo and uses it like a brand, their days as an inventive musical force are numbered? When did DP decided to emblazon their every move with the Mk 3 logo?!

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