Cozy Powell signs

but only with two reprobates from the fan-club! I think I took these back in Rainbow days, down near the hotel where they were staying in Liverpool. I was only recently pondering the fact that Cozy died just over twelve years ago last April, and these turned up in a pile of snap-shots, so thought it would be good to add them here. In the bigger shot it looks suspiciously like Andy Hardman on the left (in his trend-setting duffle-coat), and Mark Maddock on the right, getting stuff signed up (and hoping he Berol silver pens would hold out). Cozy was certainly giving me a look in the second shot!

cozy powell

cozy powell


10 Responses to “Cozy Powell signs”

  1. Bill Redford Says:

    I remember scrolling down to the second photo and almost backing away from my desk…that must be the look a tiger gives before he pounces! I saw Rainbow twice back in the summer of 1978…memories of the rainbow, Ronnie belting out “Mistreated” and the thunder and lightning that was Cozy on the drums…

  2. David Says:


  3. Steve Dunbar Says:

    Yes – I remember it well there. I also met up with Cozy and the other band members there – I guess this pic was from 1984 when Whitesnake played in Liverpool for two nights?

  4. Mark Maddock Says:

    Wotcha…I’d say we’re later than the Rainbow era here…more likely the snakes I think…
    Absolutely no recollection mind you…BBC building in the background but I don’t recognise even that…if pressed I’d say the early ’84 shows just as Jon was leaving so L’pool (23 & 24 Feb)?

    Yrs aye

    • simon robinson Says:

      I did wonder – I can remember standing outside the hotel at the time, but Stephen has come up with the location on another comment to save our blushes. What’s daft is we can’t remember this with certainty, yet expect members of Deep Purple to recall in minute detail every event between 1968 and 1976!

  5. Stephen Clare Says:

    Just a small point of interest, if anyone is trying to identify the area of the pictures it was in Paradise Street and the hotel was the Moat House (the hotel is not in the picture as it was behind Simon). The whole area has gone now and been replaced by the Liverpool 1 development.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Thanks for this Stephen. That new development felt like I’d wandered onto the set of Logan’s Run when we were over visiting Tate Liverpool last year… yet they still haven’t managed to link the city to the docks properly, so you have to take your life in your hands crossing that crazy road system. And there was no sign of Jenny Agguter either.

  6. CaptainJJB Says:

    Cozy for me was always the guy who turned me into a drummer after playing Dance with the Devil on Top Of The Pops – even when in Raribow he was STILL the “Dance with the Devil” chap in my eyes.

    • simon robinson Says:

      What, he waved his drums sticks, shouted Shazaam and… you were a drummer?! I can remember that Top Of The Pops slot too; we have the flipping sheet music for this somewhere (just in case anyone out there is in a covers band and fancies a go?).

  7. Andy DiGelsomina Says:

    These are terrific, especially for a Cozy fanatic like myself. Rainbow, MSG, Jeff Beck, Black Sabbath…the man was phenomenal Thank you!

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