Gemini Live vinyl update

UPDATE 3 : This album finally shipped during early December 2010. The photo library had a lot of problems finding the old images, then their server went down, then the images came but were too small to use! Anyway, it’s all now done and here’s a low res image of the final front and back sleeve (I’ll leave the original visual here at the bottom of the page).

Gemini Suite Live LP label design

The label design is also shown. The cover photograph was taken before the actual performance itself inside the Festival Hall. It is a single sleeve, and also has a colour inner sleeve with notes and more pictures. It will also have a run in colour vinyl. It will be distributed in mainland Europe through regular outlets but we’re not sure about the UK yet. There will be a discount for DPAS members. It can be ordered at the DTB store.

Deep Purple Gemini Suite vinyl


10 Responses to “Gemini Live vinyl update”

  1. Jeff Breis Says:

    If you look at the cover picture sideways, it looks like the band are relaxing on a large, leather sofa together. Doesn’t Ian know that it is bad to smoke in one’s pyjamas?

  2. vince chong Says:

    What are the symbols on the site? Mine looks like a summery tablecloth but kinda neat though.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Hi Vince, the software we use allows people to submit a little image of their own which identifies their comments whenever they post. If you don’t supply one, the software generates a random symbol, and uses that. I agree that these are very smart and I do wonder at the programming behind this which sets the patterns up. I should have studied Maths more at school. Come to think of it I did study Maths more at school; mainly because I failed my O Level first time and had to spend an extra year of study before retaking it! Too busy doodling in the art room I suspect.

      • vince chong Says:

        weren’t you planning the deep purple reissues art even than ? i did well in math but realized now i don’t understand it. wished i paid a bit more attention in class instead of daydreaming about seeing deep purple live. being not an IT kinda guy the technology is all greek to me but i would be interested in how such a program came about. i did not think it was a random thing.

  3. Nigel Young Says:

    Oo-er, September 1970 (not September 1969).

    Also ‘Conducted by Malcolm Arnold’ might be more appropriate than limiting his conducting to just the orchestra.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Thanks for picking this up Nigel. I would of course have spotted these minor errors myself. Ahem. Now, haven’t you got a Deep Purple book to finish?!

  4. vince chong Says:

    hurrrah !!! this has actually surpassed the concerto in terms of my playback. more adventurous and moments in 3rd movement are just insane !

    • simon robinson Says:

      anybody not using capital letters when posting here will have their knees damaged, be forced to play football after, and listen to industrial metal bands all night…!

      • vince chong Says:

        Hmmm – i did play footie on one wonky knee tonite. Now where is my copy of Aenima by tool – [unfortunately not the original!]

  5. Andy DiGelsomina Says:

    This is one of THE best Mark II shots ever, in my humble opinion. Blackmore almost looks (my jaw drops) AMUSED!

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