Royal Albert Hall tribute

I confess that much of the new wave of progressive rock passed me by, but this one is worth a mention, marking the 20th anniversary of Swedish progressive metallers OPETH. They played a show at London’s Royal Albert Hall earlier this year and were keen to pay tribute to one of their influences with the cover! We should stress that the music is very much their own.

“In Live Concert at the Royal Albert Hall” (Roadrunner Records) also shows their peers how it ought to be done with the packaging too. a Limited-edition 4LP vinyl box set, , a five-disc set of two DVDs and three CDs or as a Double-DVD. Compare and contrast with the dreadful way the 1999 Deep Purple shows were treated content wise, with a rubbish design, poor booklet and tracks left off. You can read more about it on the Opeth website.

UPDATE • Nigel Young has sent this bit of info on:

The cover idea (and photograph) were Christer Lorichs’s. He suggested it to Mike Åkerfeldt, initially as a memory of the event. Just before the hall was due to be closed, the band decided to do it. He judged the chairs from a Concerto CD cover and put the corresponding band member in the “right” chair and it was done in less than five minutes.
He later showed Mike how similar the photos were by doing a mock up Opeth variation of the CD cover art. A month later Christer found out that the band were basing the whole concept around his idea and photos.


Opeth Royal Albert Hall

4 Responses to “Royal Albert Hall tribute”

  1. Clive Says:

    I just think that things like this smack of un-originality ( is that a word? ). Far better to think of your own ideas than to copy / mock someone else’s.

    • simon robinson Says:

      I can hardly talk, given my shameless pilfering of vintage graphics for the BBC Sessions box set…

  2. Roy Davies Says:

    How times have changed…..15-20 years ago people went out of their way to conceal the likes of Purple as their musical influences. Its still unusual though to see such obviously affectionate and respectful tribute to the lads (and to Lord in particular).
    I can’t say i’m energised enough to buy an Opeth album though!
    I’ll leave that to my daughter, whos into that wonderful phase of the black fingernail and angst-ridden adolescence at the moment!

    • simon robinson Says:

      It’s still something of an underground thing to put DP on your list of ‘bands you should listen to’, hence bands like Opeth doing it. Otherwise in the mainstream it’s take the piss as usual judging by Bono’s recent quips reported here.

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