Micky Moody’s murky past

permissive dvd cover bfiMicky Moody in a sex film? Well, sort of, and no it wasn’t called Belgian Tom’s Hat-trick!

Film-maker Stanley Long produced Groupie Girl in 1970, based on the real-life exploits of Suzanne Mercer, who co-wrote the film. It did well on the late night cinema circuit, enough for the pair to try a follow up, called Bread, in 1971. The story was more light-hearted, and most reviewers liken it to an early Adventures Of style comedy; a thin plot, plenty of tame nudity and some laughs along the way. Some hippies manage to get a land-owner to let them stage a pop festival, and all sorts of scrapes ensue.

For the festival they manage to book a couple of groups, one of which is Juicy Lucy. They agreed to do the film as their bass player was dating the film’s co-writer Suzanne Mercer! At this time, Micky Moody was the band’s guitarist, and so appears in a number of scenes. Juicy Lucy are also seen on stage towards the end. I wore my copy of Who Do You Love out at the time, and was disappointed to learn that the great solo on here was done by the band’s original guitarist, who Micky replaced in 1970 prior to cutting their second album Lie Back And Enjoy It. He stayed with the band until their split in 1972, and then moved on to Snafu (I can’t find a decent shot of Micky with Juicy Lucy, the best I can manage is this great shot of him in Snafu – Micky’s the one with the moustache, er  long hair, no, stack heels, ah, stripey trousers).

Micky Moody later to join Whitesnake in his 1973 band Snafu

Even as a fan of vintage Brit films, especially ones which feature bands of the time (Blow Up is an all-time favourite) it’s one which has passed me by, but the BFI have a series of DVDs coupling long-forgotten movies and so Bread turns up as the b-feature on the DVD of Permissive, a more realistic drama (which also features a few cult bands of the time – anyone else remember Comus and Titus Groan?!). So certainly one I’ll be looking out for in the next HMV sale.

My thanks to Nigel Young for passing on the news (and spotting the typos!). You can find a full plot and cast list at the BFI website http://www.bfi.org.uk and check up on what Micky did after his short film career at www.mickymoody.com

hippy clothes

what the well dressed rock fan wore in 1970


4 Responses to “Micky Moody’s murky past”

  1. Tom Dixon Says:

    Bit of an update – I had ordered the Heep/Moody show from concert live at a very reasonable £15. I’ve just had a mail from them explaining that Heep have changed their minds about letting them issue it. Then, lo & behold, Heep announce that they are going to release a concert from their last European tour (sans Moody!).
    I only ordered it because of Moody & now they have offered any other Cds & given me 3 times my order value to spend. Trouble is I have the Bad Company one as I bought it at the concert! Never mind, I suppose I’ll find something…

  2. Roy Davies Says:

    Apparently Micky appeared at the High Voltage Festival with Uriah Heep, playing slide guitar (naturally!).

    • simon robinson Says:

      Funny, I don’t recall BBC3 devoting hours to covering the groups from that festival (said after dozing off to Muse doing what sounded suspiciously like a rip-off of Who Do You Love on last night’s late evening Glasto repeats! Well I am getting on, and I had done two hours after tea shifting stone about to try and advance our rock garden project).

  3. Gary Critcher Says:

    I used to go swimming a lot in our local indoor pool about 15 years ago. One day while doing a few lengths I was aware of another guy with a big floppy moustache doing the same. Turns out it was none other than la Moody!! I didn’t ask him if he’d brought Belgian Tom with him!!

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