Whitesnake in camera

UPDATE 1 • The publishers have released this teaser image of the package.

First picture of the Whitesnake book

David Coverdale off stage during rehearsal 1978

Calling all olde time photographers! Or even new tyme photographers. There is a smart new book of Whitesnake photographs in the pipeline and the publishers have asked if we can see what DPAS Members (and viewers) might have in the way of pictures taken anytime from 1977 onwards. I have dug out all my negatives and colour slides, and I know from publishing Darker Than Blue magazine that people have let us use pictures they took in the past (and there is some nice stuff in a couple of Whitesnake picture galleries on the DTB site). They must be pictures you took so we can arrange to clear them for copyright purposes if necessary. Quality is important but also rarity, and even better if you kept the negatives. A modest fee will be offered.

Do get in touch and we will take it from there. We will give you more details on this exciting book as soon as we are able by the way. Exciting? Well they’ve chosen one of my 1981 shots for the front so I’m excited if nobody else is!

I photographed the band in 1978 in London at their first major showcase gig there in Camden, and even took a few shots during the tour rehearsals a day or two before (I would have taken more but the flash gun packed up – as it usually did at crucial moments! It took about half an hour to recharge after each shot). I also snapped the band in Sheffield and Manchester on stage over the next couple of tours (Coverdale gave us a lift down to the venue in his tour bus on one occasion) and for the last time in Liverpool when Cozy was with them. I’ll stick a few shots on this page (and a couple of the shots of Cozy Powell outside the hotel in Liverpool are already on the blog). I even found a roll of colour negative film which has never been printed. Colour negative wasn’t nearly as good as colour slide, but it was much cheaper and easier then to get prints off negatives, so that’s probably why I made the effort.

David Coverdale on Whitesnake tour bus

The same people are also working on a Dio book authorised by Wendy, so again let me know if you photographed any Dio concerts. UPDATE The Dio Book is now announced, see separate entry, and available to pre-order.

8 Responses to “Whitesnake in camera”

  1. Sören Eriksson Says:

    I must have got that wrong! I thought that I heard somewhere that the tapes had been found but was owned by someone who just wanted too much money for it.
    Real shame! That really is something to dream of, that those tapes should turn up.
    Thanks for answering. All the best. Sören

  2. Sören Eriksson Says:

    Speaking of photobooks, what happened to the “Photographs of Ritchie Blackmore´s Rainbow” you have listed as a coming attraction on the website? Would absolutely love to have it!
    And another thing, the Hofstra complete gig from ´73, any news on that? That really is frustrating, a complete consert, good sound and filming, an excellent performance (when was it not?) and it aint getting released. All the best! Sören

    • simon robinson Says:

      The Blackmore photographs project is still a coming attraction, but our first three books don’t launch until December 2010, so it has to take it’s place. The publishing industry is quite vintage in some ways, and they have a really long lead-in period for new titles. So for example our December titles had to be sold in back in April! It’s quite frustrating but if we don’t slot in, then the books won’t reach the shops. As soon as we have more details we’ll announce it.
      Hofstra. Have you got the unedited show then or are you just teasing us?! As far as we know the original is long gone. Like most shows filmed on video, once the edit was done, the rest of the reels would be recycled. Of course, if anyone out there knows any different…

  3. Purplesnake Says:

    Can’t wait to put my hands on this book! I’m a huge fan of David Coverdale. I’m still “building” an ultimate site about him (in portuguese).
    Wonderful pics indeed! I didn’t know this blog exists, I’ll be here often from now on. Take care!

    • simon robinson Says:

      Thanks – can we ask you to use your name as well when you post?! Ta. The book should be good, I’ve seen some of the material which the publisher has collected and there are photographers in South America and Sweden digging through their archives as we speak apparently.

  4. purplepriest1965 Says:

    Talking about DC pics… I never will forget the pic that was put on the frontdoor of the convention in 99! Still very sad and humiliated that I did NOT get in even when I tried to make things work. I was not a member then, but the guy from the then Dutch FC failed to inform us if one wanted to be there one had to be a DPAS member.
    I was shoved out like a criminal. It will always be one my stains in life. Being a satisfied member of DPAS since has yet not solved that trauma. Regards, Mark, Rotterdam

    • simon robinson Says:

      I wasn’t on the door, but we did have to be strict to comply with fire regulations, and the event was totally sold out. Ann says because you complained very loudly, it quickly drew the attention of security. If you’d stayed quiet, she was going to wait for a break in the queue and sneak you in. Oh well, we can’t win them all.

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