Badge collection

Gary Critcher sent me this image of a few badges he found while having a bit of a sort-out the other day.

Sort-out. Ah yes, we have those too. I set out with a box of stuff from the loft, tasked (excuse the jargon) with seeing what to keep, what to dispose of, get distracted after about ten minutes, decide it’ll take all day to get the stuff on ebay and maybe nobody will bid, but no charity shop will know it’s worth anything, so pack it all way again marked ‘save for collectors fair’. Which we will do one day, except we’d probably need to hire a van, so what with that and the cost of the table you’d need to sell so much just to pay for being there. Back in the loft?

Anyhow, Gary just found some badges so hopefully he wasn’t faced with this quandary. “Do I remember them?” he asked. Fearing this was some sort of hidden Q&A session, with dire consequences if I got it wrong (‘which Joe Lynn Turner album would you like to take with you to your desert island, and which luxury?’ ‘well Kirsty, put it like that, I’ll have Slaves & Masters, and my luxury would be a set of ear-protectors. And could I have a gun in case the ear protectors don’t work?’), I thought I’d give it a go.

deep purple tour badges

Top row, left to right;  bootleg Rainbow one, the first RBAS badge we ever did (there was also a t-shirt with this design on), and Whitesnake’s neat UK Tour ’79 merchandise badge.

Next row; I’m not sure about the PAL badge,they did sell one at the shows, but it was smaller and browner than this, so it may be unofficial. But why would anyone bootleg PAL bdges? No I think it’s genuine. The Rainbow roundel was produced and sold by the first official Rainbow fan-club, set up by his old roadie in Liverpool. Then there’s the smart official Wembley 76 badge which was only sold at those shows, much to my annoyance at the time!

Lastly the MIJ one is another the fan-club did in the 70s. I did the artwork at college, and dew the Japanese characters by hand. The first colour photocopiers had just been installed at Xerox copier stores, so the printing was done there and then made into badges by one of those specialist firms which thrived at the time, as the pin-on badge industry was booming following the arrival of punk. Even Blackmore was seen with pin-up badges (one read “If you can read this you’re too close”! There may have been an expletive between ‘you’re’ and ‘close’).

I saw some canvas handbags on sale the other day, which came with patches and badges already fixed on, each bag exactly the same. Rebels without a clue.


11 Responses to “Badge collection”

  1. Alan Hopwood Says:

    I always wanted one of those MIJ badges and did ask Ann a couple of years back if any were lying about, to no avail. So if anybody got a spare they want to give me?

    • simon robinson Says:

      Hi Alan – I just checked my spares box and sadly there are none in there, otherwise I’d have mailed you one. I’m hoping we can do a nice badge for the upcoming MIJ special edition.

  2. jim grogan Says:

    I had the R B A S one it may be still at me mums! Along with a pirate Rainbow one from 1980, a Whitesnake one (from 1981?) and a few tour programmes from late 70’s early 80’s – unless she has tidied my room up (well it has been 25 years now since I moved out from there!), must look…

  3. Bill Pierce Says:

    Hey Simon, nice blog, I have a few badges as well, 2 or 3 of them are Coverdale badges, and a couple of Whitesnake badges as well, also a couple of Ronnie J Dio badges, but will probably hold onto them, us old hippies have to keep some of our old ditties to jolt our memories from time to time. Looking forward to the CTTB reissue! Keep up the good work. Bill

    • simon robinson Says:

      Jolt our memories? The rate I’m going I will need badges saying “lock the garage door” and “do not put your camera bag on the drive when you leave home” (I got twenty miles away before I realised what I might have done, and had to call a neighbour who rescued it for me. A grand’s worth of gear just sat there! But then we are under a bit of pressure lately work wise and it tends to get me like this). Anyhow, snap the badges and send them in Bill. There is a contact email on the home page.

  4. Mike Galway Says:

    Official Burn tour badge (is) the best – and the programme and the poster… Any chance of a nice Mk1-4 live colour poster ? Oh, go on- you know you want to!

    • simon robinson Says:

      We have been planning a Mk 4 poster just for you Mike; just trying to clear the rights to the image. Watch this space!

  5. Steve West Says:

    Conformist rebelliousness…. or rebellious conformity. Oxymoron heaven.

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