Engl’s cube

steve morse deep purple on stage

I was going through a nice gallery of shots taken by Christer Lorich‘s this morning. Christer has been with the DPAS for over 30 years now, so it’s about time I used one of his photographs I thought. He had access to the stage side views during one of this summer’s festivals. This shot of Steve Morse caught my eye, as it is a nice intimate spur of the moment image, different to a lot of the photographs you see of the man when out front.

I was also drawn to the day-glo sign on the amp, which when I enlarged the image turned out to be a DIY guide to setting the stacking order of the amps up. Each cabinet has one on the back, with the position of the individual amp in the block shaded in. So you don’t have to work it out, just make sure you shuffle them into the right order. A bit like those Rubik’s Cube puzzles which were all the rage. It saves roadies getting yelled at I suppose. I did ponder what actually constitutes the right order, but perhaps there are technicians out there who could enlighten me as to the feng shui of amp positioning…

Then I wondered if the drum stand has a ‘this way up’ sticker on it, or maybe a ‘use other end’ on the drum sticks. Then the nurse came and dragged me off the computer.

We’ll use one or two of Christer’s pictures in the next issue of Darker Than Blue and try to put a gallery up on the main site.


5 Responses to “Engl’s cube”

  1. purpelaar Says:

    Poor old Steve?!
    Yesterday I saw a dvd of Osaka 1993 Coverdale/Page gig. Of course it is a boot, but still… I feel really awkward watching and hearing this (group) again. It had his moments, but:
    1 – I still think it is a big waste that David does not often (use) that great low voice but preferres to keep on screaming his balls off. So much for his comments right after the demise of MK 4 that he’d had enough of screaming, machine gun music and all that. He does look in great shape during the 93 gig though.
    2 : Page looks ahem, old and washed up in 1993. I already thought that his playing in the 70 s LIVE was more sloppy than Ritchies but here Its really terrible. I LOVE both DP and LZ and have a wide taste in music but I really feel that both Plant’s and Page’s output after 1980 was often disappointing.
    Saw a great Robert Plant gig in Paradiso, 1993, though. Would love a recording of that!
    Cheers, Mark, Rotterdam

  2. Roy Davies Says:

    Ritchie’s perchant for a wind-up reminds me of the inner booklet photos of ‘Slaves & Masters’; all the band posed with their arms in awkward & different orientations…. it was speculated at the time ( in DTB and elsewhere) if these strange positions had any meaning.
    I remembered to ask Ian Paice at drumfest in Brum a few years back and he said “No”, commenting he thought it all “rather silly”!
    So know we know……

    • simon robinson Says:

      Poor old Steve; we do a post on him and all we end up commenting about is Blackmore! Maybe Ritchie was trying to emulate some of the mystique which (thanks to Page) surrounded the Zeppelin symbols on their fourth album.

  3. purpelaar Says:

    I reminds me of the so called EMPTY BOX Ritchie visualised with his hands.
    People were intrigued but later on it was said that it meant nothing at all!!!!
    I don’t know if that’s true, of course.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Ah yes, and that thumbs together thing (which we were always told was some sort of secret signal used by readers of The Eagle comic in the 50s). And that weird bit of metal he nailed to the top of his guitar neck for a few years. What with all this I’m surprised Ritchie doesn’t have a bit of fun on the web sending out a few plausible news items.
      At least the ‘guide for roadies’ does mean something. I’d be so tempted to peel one off and stick it back on upside down, but then that’s my sort of humour (and probably accounts for the reason I’ve not been allowed on stage at a gig since 1974!).

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