Autumn Sky bitesized

Blackmore's weddingBlackmore’s Night have stuck an official preview of audio clips from their new album Autumn Sky up on YouTube (isn’t it strange how this site has managed to make posting audio much easier than regular audio sites?). From these it’s clear that the album is far more coherent than the last one, and more polished too. There’s no real change in direction or style, so it’s one for the regulars to enjoy and the rest of us to pass over. The obligatory electric guitar turns up on Dance Of The Darkness if you want to investigate that first. Elsewhere, Blackers is even more firmly part of the sound than ever.

The cover is very poor – the sort of amateur Photoshop montage which would make a professional weep. The new style logo is even worse than the old one. Which is quite an achievement really. UPDATE • The cover has ben totally redone for the final release, with Sherlock Holmes striding across a photoshopped painting. This has led to confusion that there were two different versions. There aren’t. The CD is shipping from DTBMailorder now. Can we be the first to ask where you go to buy medieval sunglasses?

Being You Tube everyone has nabbed the preview and reposted it, so I’ve no idea where the original is, but the link above (and below) is the one I listened to (and thanks to Christer Lorichs for the tip). If the link goes dead, do let me know.

For some reason I also stumbled across a raging debate about whether some lasses mother (wasn’t it Amy?) had been married to Blackmore or not back in the 80s, and she posted one of his older wedding snaps up online to prove the story (after everyone rubbished her claim, in that charming way many web debates quickly go). So if you’re curious, here’s the link to this earlier wedding photo too! Rubbish image quality but a burst of Gates Of Babylon to liven things up.


2 Responses to “Autumn Sky bitesized”

  1. Konrad Stief Says:

    According to Blackmore’s Facebook page in the photo album section the following was posted concerning the album cover:

    The new cd will have 15 songs including a bonus track of Ritchie playing electric guitar with Des Geyers. It will be released on Universal and Spinefarm throughout the world; and on Sony for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Additional cover art will be used for different territories.

  2. Paul Johnson Says:

    I preferred the original artwork, can’t understand why they changed it.

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