Beyond The Purple

UPDATE • I’ve had a detailed review in so we’ve added this in the comments section.

We’ve been getting a lot of requests for information about this upcoming release, but it’s nothing to get very excited about. Basically it’s a deluxe (isn’t everything this week!) set from Japan, containing most of the band’s albums in mini-sleeve format. I say most but for contractural reasons they don’t include the Mk 1 titles. The big selling point as far as I am aware is the inclusion of the big booklet from the Listen Learn Read On set (from 2002), but translated entirely into Japanese. So everyone who grumped at paying £45 for this in English, can now grump even more at paying $300 for it as an import. The rather strange art deco design they’ve done for the cover is shown here (I mean it’s a nice graphic but for Deep Purple?!).

Beyond The Purple Japanese import Deep Purple box set 2010


14 Responses to “Beyond The Purple”

  1. jim Says:

    All I know is DP should be in the Rock Hall of Fame. People – let this joke of a hall of fame know how we feel. Jim – USA

  2. Ralph Says:

    Deep Purple – Beyond the Purple (review)

    First impressions – Looks great. Artwork doesn’t look like the picture shown by Simon on the DPAS blog. That picture doesn’t do justice to what I have in front of me. The lid of the box is of a velvety material and the design is silver like and is pressed on it. It really looks like an artistic “cover”.
    Then the opening of the box. First thing a see is a book with a black cover with the same picture as on the front but in grey. The “cover” of the book is of a carton like paper, the inside is normal paper. And as with (all) Japanese editions this one won’t disappoint you. Yes, it’s in Japanese (though some things are in English like the newspaper cuttings and the notes on the pictures). Almost every page has a picture on it, band or otherwise, and again it’s much to my like. 119 pages with lots of information.
    Then the box with the cd’s (underneath). Again, on the front, the same picture as on the box but now glossy purple and white. Nicely done. On the back it lists the albums that are in: Concerto, In Rock, Fireball, Machine Head, Live in Japan, Who do we Think we are, Burn, Stormbringer, Come Taste the Band, Made in Europe – the 10 cds released by Mk 2, 3 and 4, so don’t expect something new or unreleased.
    Opening the box (reveals) another booklet, this time in black and white. The booklet contains all the lyrics in English as well as in Japanese. I Have no clue if they are remastered or not. I can only say that these versions are of a better quality, sound wise that is, then the european/american versions.
    Conclusion: The boxset is is nicely done and looks really good.
    It’s nice for someone who wants all the cd’s from mark 2, 3 and 4 in one boxset. If they are “real” Japanese releases you have the best quality you can have
    The price – 232 euro / USD 318 / GBP 203 sounds like a lot of money but then you have 10 cd’s in a nice box with all the lyrics. If you deduct about 50 euro for the box and booklets then you end paying about 18 euro (USD 24,73, GBP 15,74) per cd. For someone (new to) DP not a bad price.
    Can’t say that I miss a lot (except) “Last Concert in Japan” and an English text. I can’t imagine that only Japanese people buy these releases.
    Ralph Pondman
    (thanks to Monika Schwarz)

    • simon robinson Says:

      Thanks for this Ralph (I have made a few edits to correct English – hope this is OK). Basically the booklet is more or less the same as that which came in the big EMI box set a few years ago, with one or two pictures as they were unable to clear a couple in time. Obviously we can’t simulate real velvet on the blog just yet, but the image is fairly accurate I would say! The Mk 1 albums had to be left off as these are licensed to another company in Japan and it seems nobody wanted to do a deal. I hadn’t really thought about the price in terms of someone wanting to start a DP CD collection, with a big book to go with it. My surprise was that the individual CDs didn’t have sleeves, which I think would have made the set feel better overall.

      • Ralph Says:

        No problems Simon. Yes, that’s what you get with scans they never look like the original. About the box. For me as a collector it’s nothing new. Have all the discs many even in multiple releases. So I can imagine that a DP “fan” who has them all is not interrested in this box. Again they aimed for the collector who is willing to spend money and who wants to have every release that’s out there. Never the less I have certainly seen worse boxsets

  3. Graeme Says:

    “As someone who has purchased or rated music by Deep Purple, you might like to know that Beyond Purple will be released on 5 October 2010. You can pre-order yours for just £277.79 …”.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Thanks for this Graeme. I’ve just had a sample copy in and have to say it’s hardly worth this, though the box is very lovely in crushed velvet with silver foil blocking (maybe it’s real silver for this price!). Inside is a copy of the Listen Learn book, but with a few amendments and the text all in Japanese. Then there is a hardback case containing the ten CDs, and a more modest booklet with all the lyrics.

  4. Jeff Breis Says:

    To me, the boxset artwork looks like a spin-off of the front cover of the Rainbow 1976 UK tour programme. The designer of the box probably thought to go beyond the Purple for the artwork (i.e; to Rainbow), then go back again to use it for an olden days Deep Purple anthology. Kind of like a Deep Purple Boxset Time Machine! No wonder it looks so shiny and cosmic, like a Hawkwind album. It’s a wrinkle in time & space!
    Do not panic.

  5. Ralph Says:

    Talking about the covers only. I must say that the cover for the over Zurich dvd is excellent. But (the one) for this boxset is not that impressive. Will see what I can do concerning a review when I get my copy

    • simon robinson Says:

      The most impressive thing about the Zurich DVD is that someone has at least give some thought to the cover as part of the package. I’m still not sure if it’s a montage, but a fun idea nevertheless. Just a shame the rest of the packaging is so… well, there isn’t any!

  6. Mark Maddock Says:

    Cover is several country miles better than any of the current line ups recent abominations I’d opine!

    • simon robinson Says:

      Well yes, in fact it would have made quite a smart sleeve for a new DP album (esp the vinyl edition in silver on matt card). But As you say the least said about their recent sleeves the better. Maybe Ralph can do us a quick review when his import copy arrives? I gather it is a very limited edition. It’s totally strange, two days ago I was going back and forth with the printing place in Japan trying to sort out some last minute glitches. They couldn’t wait for the original artwork to be shipped over, and just scanned an original copy, took out some of the pictures we could not clear for copyright reasons and bashed ahead. Sorry I’m not on a royalty now I see what the price is!
      It hurts to hear about those copies of LLROn being sold off cheap; the twerps at EMI neglected to tell us it was up for deletion or we would have purchased the last stock for fans. It is going for lots on auction sites. I have thought about licensing the pictures to reprint just the booklet part, but we were looking at a 4 figure sum. Plus since it came out a number of the agencies we used have closed and been taken over, so it meant tracking everything down again. Though now I have managed to clear mot of the material for Japan, it does make the idea of an expanded book-only edition look possible.
      In the meantime keep a look out for our DTB photo calendar which will be announced shortly!

  7. Ralph Says:

    Yeah isn’t that always the case with boxsets? Most of the time, especially for collector’s, there’s nothing new on it. But still we, the collector’s, keep on buying. Don’t think that the normal fan will find $300 for it. And the artwork? Well what to say about that. It is what it is. But better this then faces of the wrong (line-up).
    Can’t help being a boxset junkie already pre-ordered it as I just love boxsets.

  8. Steve West Says:

    The title baffles me actually. “Beyond” what exactly? “Beyond” seems to suggest a collection of Purple spin-off items and extracurricular activities.
    One for the completists… i.e. not me.

  9. purpelaar Says:

    Hi Simon. Must admit, that like so often, way back I hesitated about the box at first. Unfortunately I always have had think about other priorities as well and thus not able to behave as the Purple junkie I seem to be.
    I hesitated as well mainly I seem to remember because it was announced that the BBC rarities were supposed to come in a seperate release as well.
    During the release I heard that the seperate release might take a while, duh, so……. I bought it anyway.
    A bit pleased I shared the box with friends. I even sent it to Gerrit Tijhoff, for crying out loud! And he does not live around the corner.
    You ll probably remember him from the Rainbow fanClan. I’ve stayed in contact with Gerrit since the early 80’s and he is now one of the longer lasting friends I have.
    A bit later another friend of mine told me the box was being ditched at MediaMarkt or Free Record Shop or something like that for almost nothing! And that HE still had not bought it.! I wish I had bought myself some of it because it seems to fetch a lot of money for some time now on the Net.
    I did and do have my complaints about it, still. 2 or 3 cds always fell out of it, so they became damaged. The holder for the booklet was very badly glued to the backside. It took me ages to bring myself to the task of glueing it myself in a better way.
    I did buy the Chris Charlesworth book in 1986, which I always enjoyed very much, and hoped for a part 2 with the same format. Although the smaller booklet is very good, I d have loved a bigger format like part 1.
    And more insights about what happened to the offshoots. Any chance on that someday? How is Chris?
    My copy of the (biog) got very old and smudgy through the years. I’ve read it a lot. But I must admit I should have put in a sleeve or something.
    I bought it in 1986 at the Belgian Diep Peurpel Convention. Marc Brans arranged it, of course.
    Still remember what I saw on the screen that day. Amongst other things the one with GILLAN in Japan, inbetween interviewed by a Japanese woman. Hilarious!!!! Mark Nolde

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