Whitesnake Biography first peek

Whitesnake / The Definitive Biography

whitesnake biography in slipcaseUPDATE 2 • The publication date has been put back to around May 2011. I hope to be able to announce the reason for this shortly!
UPDATE • The publishers Rufus Stone are now taking orders. They have agreed a 5% discount for DTB readers and DPAS members. To get this discount you need to enter the special code into the form in the online shop on the publishers site. The code is DPAS1565. The publishers are also happy to accept payment by installment but this is not yet set up on the shop. If you want to pay this way, contact the publishers direct using the email address on the publisher’s contact page, and they will organise this with you direct.
STORY • A lavish publication which traces the history of Whitesnake and is due out Spring 2011. From the ashes of Deep Purple, David Coverdale re-emerged in 1977 first with a couple of solo albums and then fronting his own band Whitesnake. Before long Coverdale was joined by two other former Deep Purple musicians, Jon Lord and Ian Paice, and by 1979 – with the addition of Bernie Marsden, Neil Murray and Micky Moody – was starting to enjoy strong album sales and headlining tours.
Through the early eighties the group built on that foundation and had a number of hit singles. Problems within the band led to more line-up changes, until by the mid-eighties a move to America saw the group reinvented as a mega selling metal act, with the massive selling 1987, an album which set standards as far as rock production went.
1989’s Slip Of The Tongue confirmed them as one of the biggest metal acts in the world and although David Coverdale has remained the only constant throughout, the Whitesnake name is still enough to sell-out the big arenas. The Live In The Still Of The Night tour DVD issued in 2006 was one of the biggest selling rock titles of the year. Coverdale has recently signed to record a new Whitesnake album in 2011.
This 240+ page biography traces Coverdale’s early career in the Northern clubs around Redcar and Newcastle, and his fairy-tale promotion to the ranks of Deep Purple in late 1973. The formation of Whitesnake is explored, and the subsequent rise of the group in Europe and Japan. It is accompanied by a collection of rare and often unseen photographs, loads of rare memorabilia, a discography and concert list.
The original biography by Simon Robinson (which is the only detailed book on the band ever written, and is long out of print) has been totally updated and expanded by writer John Tucker, with a concert list by Nigel Young and new interviews.
whitesnake biography and concert posters

publicity flyer for the book

The book is part of a new luxury range of rock books which aims to provide highly collectable editions which are both stylish and well designed, with an eye for detail and in-depth written content. 12″by12″, the hardback book is specially bound and comes inside a card slipcase, and will sit alongside your vinyl collection.

The book is available in a couple of editions. The ‘standard edition’ is £175 plus shipping. A more expensive edition in its own flight case is also planned. Signed versions (members of the group are involved in the project), a limited vinyl album, poster and other goodies will also be announced. We have been able to negotiate a discount for DPAS Members. The book will necessarily be a limited edition in this size and format.
The publishers are also offering an installment payment option. We have had the opportunity to see a pre-release mock-up and were suitably impressed by the quality of the production, which is the reason we agreed to get involved.  Because of the nature of the book it will only be available from the publishers, we are unable to stock it through our own store.
The publishers also have the more modestly priced Dio photo book on the go which can be pre-ordered from DTBmailorder

17 Responses to “Whitesnake Biography first peek”

  1. Ian Douglas Says:

    Yes I’ve ordered both the deluxe Whitesnake and the Glenn Hughes books! I know they’re pricey but being my Rock Icons what else can a fan do. . . one off chance – and the very special shows one loves to remember. Between these two I am sure it will be very interesting! Full marks to them both too as they have strived and forged viable careers now and not having to rely on 40 year old Purple hits – great showmen both and well deserved I say!

  2. Yvonne Says:

    Well said, Simon, totally agree with you! And if writers tried to get everyone involved prior to it being written, hardly any newspapers or magazines could be printed! As long as the publishers keep to the facts and stand with their butt to the wall…

  3. Jay M Says:

    I just checked the official Whitesnake site that is David Coverdale’s. The Web Master stated the fact that neither Whitesnake, nor David Coverdale have anything to do with this book. How can it be called authentic and acceptable, if the Band and Artist have nothing at all to do with it or it’s creation? Were they even consulted about it’s creation? I myself love to get my hands on anything to do with Whitesnake, but not unless it is authentic and approved by David himself. Thanks for your time. Jay.

    • simon robinson Says:

      That’s fair enough Jay and I see where you are coming from. However the publishers have not claimed that David is involved in the book, but other past members of the band I understand are. I would say that the majority of rock books are written by professional writers, experts or fans without the subject necessarily being involved – I’ve got loads in our library. And if writers tried to get everyone involved in a book prior to it being written, an awful lot of history would go unpublished.

    • Konrad Stief Says:

      I prefer that DC is not involved because the history of the band would be compromised due to one’s subjective viewpoint. I do know DC has said he would write a book someday and he is a fine writer from what I have read on his website but I doubt he would be completely honest with himself with such a book. Having said that I am concerned over the previous band members’ recollections as such opinions could be clouded by bitterness and resentment.

      • simon robinson Says:

        I think really it will be up to the authors to try and balance out the raw material and give as honest a story as possible Konrad, but all biographies are inevitably subjective. It’s not a dishing the dirt type of project either, just aims to tell the story in a straightforward and interesting way.

  4. Marcelo Araujo Says:

    That’s cool!
    May I post this in my site (in Portuguese)?

  5. Chris Poustie Says:

    £175 plus shipping! And not even hand bound in white satin! Not so much as a personal note of thanks on “special note paper”. I suppose they assume the same amount of people will buy it if it’s £80 or £175, so why not charge the latter?
    Even if it was signed by Old Cov himself and wrapped in a white Saint ‘n’ Sinners-era leg warmer, I wouldn’t be prepared to fork out more than £50. Or to be honest, couldn’t afford. Shame.

    • simon robinson Says:

      You do realise that the publishers will be investigating the cost of leg-warmers now don’t you? Guess how much just the embossed acrylic cover plate cost then Chris…!

      • Chris Poustie Says:

        One thing in its favour, the picture of Coverdale on the cover is rather fetching. A big improvement on a certain Illustrated Biography released in 1989! (presumably aimed at the teen market).

  6. purpelaar Says:

    Blimey!!! I really should consider robbing a bank by now.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Well they’ve been robbing us for the last couple of years so why not?! Our profits on credit cards terminals down? No problem, we’ll just hike up the transaction charges to all small businesses.

  7. Ian Douglas Says:

    Well done Simon, DPAS and participating Snakes! So looking forward to this – certainly across all of the ex-DP offshoots WS was easily the most fun and entertaining. Regardless of ‘era’ or ‘lineup’ preferences there is no doubt that when Cov is at the controls you’re in for a Show – viz the excitement evident from the Still of the Night DVD. Underlying all this is the strength of the music – some jems from amongst other perhaps throw-aways but nonetheless a formidable force in rock and blues – long may they reign!

  8. Andy DiGelsomina Says:

    This is the first time I’ve heard of this book, and it’s looking terrific. There certainly are a lot of great collector’s items coming out, a real coup for lifelong fans.

  9. Ralph Says:

    Holy moly. More money to spend. Next year’s gonna be an expensive year with all the books, albums and so on being released. But it looks like it’s worth the money

    • simon robinson Says:

      The publishers have tried to strike a balance between the high production costs and affordability I think. A book of this size issued through stores would easily cost £50 and no major publisher would take it on. There is a more expensive edition and we’ll post full details of the differences when we can. I know Jimmy Page has had a lot of stick for asking £475 for his deluxe biography – which turns out to be nothing of the sort (it’s actually a picture collection), but apparently the photographer just wanted so much money… while still no sign of Glenn Hughes’ £500 book.

      • Ralph Says:

        I wasn’t complaining. But next year Dio is also comming up with lot’s of goodies. Concerning the Glenn Hughes book, that is delayed until the beginning of next year. Seems that some more words are going to be added by Glenn. 15.000 and some unseen archive of memorabilia, documents and photographs has been found. Anyway I already pre-ordered the book and it’s already paid. So I certainly hope I will get it.

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