DTB Calendar 2011

UPDATE • This item has now shipped out. We have a handful left for any latecomers, but do keep in mind it runs from January 2011 on.
Every year come January we remember we meant to do a calendar. This year we remembered in time! So if you’re fed up with the idea of staring at Cats Of The World or Twilight calendars again, now is your chance. Each page has a rare group or individual photograph – all from the classic years 68-76, mostly rare live photos and lots which have not been published before (including some from Simon’s own slides and negatives), many in colour, plus a daily calendar for the month. The calendar also has an attractive cover (shown) and is wire bound so it can be hung up and the pages flipped over as needed. Card backed, and shipped in an extra card-backed envelope to keep it rigid.
Calendars will be shipped in late November and it can be pre-ordered now at DTBOnline. This item will be deleted in January. I’ll try and post thumbnails of the images once the artwork is back from the printers.
UPDATE • Here is a rough idea of the pages; though the images will be cropped differently on the actual calendar.
deep purple calendar
And the cover? Well if you were rammed up against the stage at Sheffield City Hall back in 1974, then check the image out!

8 Responses to “DTB Calendar 2011”

  1. Javimulder Says:

    Looking forward to this! Any word on the price yet? It still features as TBC at the DPAS shop…

    • simon robinson Says:

      Sorry about that, I was sure we’d stuck the price on. I’ll have to find our careful workings out but if memory serves it’s £14.99 inc postage in proper stiff envelope. However talking to the printers yesterday, we may be able to get this down a bit. They will confirm once they’ve had their techie guys check the artwork.
      UPDATE – prices ARE on the site; you do need to hit the refresh button on your browser from time to time, otherwise it can show a cached page with old info (and it caught me out as well!).

  2. timothy campbell Says:

    I hope that for ‘April’ you’ve got a close up of Rod Evans gold lame pants…

  3. Steve West Says:

    Great to finally have the opportunity to buy a decent calendar…

    But before I pre-order, how much is it likely to cost, approx.?

    • simon robinson Says:

      We have set a max price of £14.99, but if we can get this down by delivery time we will. Discount for DPAS members too I hope.

  4. Mike Galway Says:

    Is it November yet?

  5. Alex J. Says:

    It’s a great idea, Simon! Thank you.

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