Derek Lawrence (updated)

Derek who?

UPDATE • Chatting again with Derek this week, he says talk of him doing an autobiography is premature, though he has had an offer from a publisher. Before he decides, he wants to get on with a novel he’s immersed in writing – a thriller which mixes crime and the music business. I’ve been promised a sneak preview and will report back!

ORIGINAL POST • Chatting with Derek Lawrence this week, he tells me he has bowed to pressure from people to have a go at doing his autobiography. I know we’ve mentioned this to him in the past but he’s always fought shy of it, but has now decided to put pen to paper and has already had an offer from a publisher. One spur has been some shifty characters in America who have been offering a book on Derek, which (when he’d sent of his $9.99 for it!) turned out to be his wikipedia entry (much of which is wrong – though as Derek says if he did indeed produce an album for Richard Prior, he’d love to see some royalties!) coupled with reviews of his productions lifted from Amazon and similar sites. Avoid like the plague.

Derek Lawrence was at the reception at the Ritz following Tony Edward’s cremation; not being a champagne man, he went to get a beer from the bar and they charged him £15 for it…


One Response to “Derek Lawrence (updated)”

  1. Gary Critcher Says:

    All the more reason we should be interviewing him with a video camera running, Simon! (even if it’s just for the archive).

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