Burn 8-Track (update 2)

Paul Cropper emailed DTB this snap of a weird Burn 8 track cartridge he found in a Salvation Army thrift store in Tennessee. Weird indeed, I didn’t even know they had Salvation Army charity shops over there. It does look very much like a pirate edition, something that might have been manufactured to sell quickly through petrol stations and the like before Warner got their lawyers on the case. A generic ‘rock’ cover (love the baggy trousers) with just the band name and album title on the spine. If anyone else knows more do get in touch.

EXTRA • Jeff Breis reckons this sort of pirate 8-Track was far from uncommon in the 70s, and has sent us a scan of a similar job done on a Fireball, sorry ‘Fire Ball’, pirate 8-track. “We (my co-workers and I) had this and a Rare Earth tape that we rotated day after day while we sorted through bins of potatoes, tossing the bad, bagging the good. It was a job that one could do with a hangover quite easily. “Do we love potatoes? No No No. Potato bugs are crawling on my face and trying to get in…”
For good measure the makers of the pirate artifact added some thinly veiled authenticity by printing the text of a popular campaign by tape makers to try and stop increased tax on the business!
“IMPORTANT CONSUMER NOTICE  – In order to prevent a substantial increase in the price of these tapes as well as a corresponding decrease in the number of hits on each tape, it is urgent that you write or call your United States Congressman asking him to oppose Senate Bill 646 unless it is amended to permit legal tape duplicators to continue in business.”
The tape was put out by Super Rock and this one is Volume 91 (SR 91)”.
What can we say Jeff? Except I also had an evening job in a fish and chip shop as a youth, so know all about sorting out (and chipping) spuds! Me and my brother did a sort of work share, and if there was a good gig on in town the owner went short handed. About supper time we did the best batch of chips of the evening, cooked to perfection. After which the quality went downhill as the drunks came in, and we vied with each other to see what ‘extras’ we could fry up for them… battered moth anyone?

UPDATE 2 • A couple of people spotted this up for sale online recently, a third pirate 8-track. Originating from Los Angeles, I love the logo which I now think of as belonging to The Ramones. Space Truckin’ has been split over tracks 3 and 4 by the way. Thanks to Tonny Steenhagen for the info.


6 Responses to “Burn 8-Track (update 2)”

  1. jamie williamson Says:

    GREAT!!!! I remember seeing these at Summer county/town Summer fairs in Connecticut back in the mid-1970s. I don’t remember seeing Burn specifically, but this generic cover was lodged (I guess) in my unconscious!

  2. Anthony Says:

    The poor girl looks like Ozzy Osbourne!

  3. purpledaniel Says:

    Rare indeed. Simon, is Friday Music releasing a vinyl edition of Burn?
    Any news on the Gettin Tighter dvd?

    • simon robinson Says:

      Not sure what Friday music are up to; I wasn’t very impressed with any of their editions so haven’t bothered to keep up (and certainly would suggest anyone treats them with extreme caution!). Quite why Warner Brothers think this is a sane way to handle the DP catalogue is beyond me.

  4. Andy DiGelsomina Says:

    Love this! Are those proto-MC Hammer pants?

    “Can’t Touch This!” (dying laughing)

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