Autumn Sky vinyl

Jeff Breis writes “Just in case anyone is interested, ‘Autumn Sky’ is available on vinyl (Sony 88697 63466 1) from Germany. The album cover is a single sleeve with a plain white bag. No lyric sheet either. The artwork has the picture with the castle in the meadow on it, but unlike the CD, it has a two inch border surrounding it. Completists only, etc. etc.”
Thanks for flagging this up Jeff. I must admit the band’s UK distributors haven’t offered us this, so I expect they figured it would be too expensive to bring stock into the UK.
I had a look about and found P. Kelly commenting on the pressing: “The vinyl weight is very good at 204g but yet again not very well protected in a thin paper inner sleeve.  The sound quality in my view does suffer. Although not a total disaster (it) does seem compressed. The album played on the same volume setting as Secret Voyage (vinyl) is much quieter. It lacks the presence, clarity and stereo image across the speakers in comparison”.
Looking at the vinyl sleeve it is clear that whoever did the original CD cover never thought to do it at a good enough resolution to reproduce at vinyl size, so they had to ue it sort of CD size and then add the border to disguise the fact. Anyhow, sure to be quite a hard to find item before long.

For vinyl collectors, the DTB Store still has a few copies of Secret Voyage on vinyl left.


2 Responses to “Autumn Sky vinyl”

  1. timinox Says:

    If this doesn’t prove that the ‘art’ of the record sleeve is dead then I don’t know what does! Your comment about the quality only being enough for CD sounds reasonable (although there are Photoshop plug ins that might have got them out of the hole!). It sadly points towards the future generation of people who will never know what ‘real’ sound quality is (only crap iTunes download quality, take it or leave it), and photographers using enforced jpg overcompression.
    Grumpy old man… moi?

    • simon robinson Says:

      Good design is good design no matter what the end use (some great postage stamps still get past the Royal Mail), but the original cover here was just such an obvious throwing together of disparate images (possibly lifted from various stock photo sources) with no real attempt to blend them together that it seemed to us like a visual which had somehow never been finished. Hard to think of any decent covers turning up in the DP camp of late to be honest, except for some of the Jon Lord ones which are very classy. I suppose the thinking now is that it’s only a CD cover, who wants to pay for a decent design?

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