emptiness, eagles and SNOW

My apologies for the lack of activity here for a couple of weeks, while we tried to cope with the white stuff. Hard to believe it was only back in February that I was digging out the drive (I kept count, eight times in total. Our drive has a cunning downwards incline, with an unforgiving wall belonging to the neighbour if we skid across the lane, so not only would I face car repair bills, but also expensive stone walling costs as well!), and here we are in late November doing it again. Amazingly Sheffield got the heaviest city centre fall since 1882 when records first began, so you can imagine what it was like where we are, a few hundred feet higher up. Unlike earlier in the year however, this time a lot of deliveries got snarled up – one of our EMI boxes made it up the M1 twice only to get turned away from the depot as they were already full. I can only begin to imagine the logistical headaches the carriers were trying to cope with.

Anyhow, this was the view from our office window. Our main problem was getting to the post-office to drop off deliveries; the local one won’t handle our volume of stuff as it’s just a small kiosk inside a grocery store, so we have to cart it a mile down the hill. And trying to carry large bags of post that distance in the snow proved beyond us. Even as late as December 9 the city was gridlocking in large parts as all the sideroads were very dicey. Then all of a sudden it’s gone. DTB Mail order is about caught up now, but we do apologies for any delays – especially to any anxious spouses who ordered for Xmas and were beginning to wonder if a box of Milk Tray would do instead. Well, at least the box lid is mostly purple.


4 Responses to “emptiness, eagles and SNOW”

  1. Andy DiGelsomina Says:

    It’s interesting how heavy Europe has been hit by the snow. Weather here in Burlington, Vermont USA has been relatively quite tame. Or maybe your storm will find its’ way over here (eeek!).

  2. Neil Maughan Says:

    As well as being a lover of all things Purple and Black, I’m also a keen photographer. Very nice picture Simon. I had no idea DTB Towers was based in such a beautiful location!

    • simon robinson Says:

      We struck lucky with the “towers” just over ten years ago Neil; it needed quite a bit of work and nobody else seemed prepared to take it on. Mind you it didn’t take us long to find out why! We’re only just about getting finished inside now and I certainly wouldn’t want to do it all again. It’s also quite scary to realise we simply couldn’t afford the place if it came on the market now. But the plus side is I don’t have to go very far to take our Xmas card shots, I can play In Rock at a decent volume with the windows open, the bus terminus is at the end of the road, and I could walk from there to Manchester over the top of the moors should I so wish (and if I did it in easy stretches!).

  3. Jeff Breis Says:

    Well, I was driving around today, delivering mail, in a blizzard (13 inches of snow so far) with 30+ mph winds in a countryside setting looking much like the picture above. What was nice is that I am a postman and I was whistling the tunes of Ritchie Blackmore all day (just like he wants). It is a challenge, especially while trying to keep up during those 1970 “Mandrake Root” extravaganzas. My lips are sore.

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