Hanwell ’69

We’ve banged on about the efforts to save (by the local community) and destroy (sorry, sell to a property developer by the local authority) Hanwell Community Centre in the magazine before. As many fans know, this is where DP Mk 2 spent many weeks jamming in 1969 and developing the In Rock album material. Anyhow, the place was saved some time ago, but the staff fear the current climate might bring new threats to the place.

They now have a new website up though, which includes a few pages about the bands who rehearsed there in 69, including DP (with images donated by us). Visit them at  Hanwell Community Centre.  The photo here shows the spruced up games room which was used in the film Billy Elliott. The Who used this room for a time, not sure if DP ever did, or more likely stuck to one of the smaller rooms.


4 Responses to “Hanwell ’69”

  1. Jon Kirkman Says:

    I believe The Who rehearsed Tommy here in 1969. I have seen photos of them there. It must have been pretty noisy there throughout that year!

  2. Jeff Summers Says:

    Apparently, Roger Daltry was playing bass for DP in those days??

  3. stephen clare Says:

    I know this is a very long shot but does anyone have any first hand stories of DP rehearsing at Hanwell. I would particularly like to hear from Dave Pring so Dave if you (or anyone that knows Dave) could get in touch with Simon by emailing the main DPAS contact email off the home page that would be very much appreciated. I would love to collect any stories about DP’s time at Hanwell as there is little that has been recorded about this period and there must be some fan/s out there who have some great stories to tell, so please get in touch.

  4. Adrian Dennis Says:

    Just had a look at the Hanwell website and the feature about DP’s ‘In Rock’ rehearsals. Fascinating to find out that Roger and Ian G’s first rehearsal with the band was on the very day I was born, 16 June 1969. A great day all round then!

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