January 2011 (1)

January 2011 (1) • Just getting back in the swing after the Xmas break, which has taken a little longer than usual following a domestic crisis with aged parent. Ann is stuck into updating the online catalogue to reflect the vat changes and I have been working on a compilation project about which more anon. There has also been more work on the new magazine, and this is now well over 50 pages finished. We had a small panic when the new printers we had in mind to do the job suddenly stopped answering emails, but it turned out they’d just had a structural change round but forgot to email everyone. So everything is on course there again. We have more disruption at DPAS towers due to the builders being on site. They were due before Xmas but the weather nixed that. Even so we were surprised to be woken by them early on Bank Holiday Monday! Still, it is urgent work, the glass in our back room windows having slipped due to wet rot to leave a one inch gap open to the elements, plus cracks in the living room ceiling – turns out the entire thing was held up with just a few six inch nails…no wonder it used to bounce when I walked across it in the loft.

I used the break to check out the new Cyndi Lauper blues CD (which turned out to be mostly duets, not what I wanted) and blasting neighbours with Boris, a present from Vince in Canada. Ann got the new Tom Jones CD from Santa. I got a tatty old fifties sound effects album (check it out here at ST33 if you’re into strange vinyl) and a fab Twiggy Japanese 7″. Quite how Santa know about these I’m not sure, or how he accessed my ebay account without me knowing. Be interesting to see how the New Year shapes up, and what it brings us Purple wise. Oh and our post about Derek Lawrence must have stirred him up, as he called to say after the interest shown here he has indeed now started his autobiography after all!

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  1. Tony B Says:

    Just checked out ST33 – great site to view for anyone with even a casual interest in LP art. I have spent many an hour browsing downstairs in Wall of Sound in Huddersfield. Oh yes and the plumbers took a long time to call round and fix the sink as well but it’s a really good job!

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