Whitesnake acetate find

whitesnake acetate label

whitesnake acetate label

Umberto Beoni has managed to secure himself this ultra rare Whitesnake acetate. It’s for the very first solo album, and was made by the Master Room, whose motto was “custom cutting to the record industry”. Master Room were going at least as far back as 1972 and specialised in editing, mastering and other post production work for most of the big record labels.
We’re not sure of the history of this acetate, although very few would be pressed. Umberto wonders if DC himself might have handled it once. I suspect not, as DC is the sort of guy who would probably have held onto things like this. More likely it went to Purple Records and has reached the open market that way. I must say I’ve never seen this before though, and it will be very scarce. Looks in good shape too.


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One Response to “Whitesnake acetate find”

  1. Umberto Says:

    Thanks Simon! I love this record and I’m very happy to see published the photo of my Acetate on your site (top site for fans of Deep Purple).

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