Ian Paice home visit

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Carlos Fernandez, director of the Club Adictos a Deep Purple, the Spanish fanclub, and producer (with friends) of the long-running Hush club magazine, ran a special show (attended by over 700 people) featuring the Italian tribute band Hush (no relation!) in May last year for the anniversary of the club. Ian Paice came to play with the band, and visited Carlos at home, to look through his collection, admire his scrapbook wall and chat. Luckily for Carlos his mates were on hand to capture the visit for him. Ian made himself useful signing a load of the concert posters as you can see! It’s taken Carlos a year to send us the snaps, but then he’s probably only just come down to earth.

Paicey checks the prototype DP wallpaper design...


6 Responses to “Ian Paice home visit”

  1. Sandra Deruelle -nee jones Says:

    I went to school with lynn. Went to wales together. Mum always said he learned the drums on her national dried milk tins . Love to meet lynn again.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Sandra, I will try and forward your message to IP. I did have his contact details a couple of years ago although it might take some finding and he was rubbish at answering so please don’t hold your breath!

  2. Teresa Morris Says:

    I’ve always wanted to meet Ian Paice in person, as my parents tell me that his sister Lyn used to babysit me, when we lived in Bicester, Oxon. and that my mum Mary Morris played football against Ian Paice, when he was in a band in Bicester. My mums team was called the Bicester fillies, would love to hear from Ian, and to see whether he remembers any of this, it would be great! I love Deep Purple, as I grew up a rock chick !

    • simon robinson Says:

      We demand a team photograph of the Bicester Fillies at once Teresa! That’s bound to jog his memory. I can’t be sure IP bothers with sites like this one mind, he’s always been quite sniffy about DTB…!

  3. Didier Venard Says:

    Son T.shirt de Carlos est sympathique et les photos posters sur le mur et les objets sont intéressantes.

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