Booted and suited!

Tallee Savage, who works – based in Sweden – as a professional make-up artists amongst other things, is a bit of a Glenn Hughes fan. She is also keen on the 1974 California Jam video, claiming to have watched it around 200 times (which might be getting close to beating Mike Galway’s record). She had the idea recently of doing a photo shoot as a tribute to the event, wearing a white bell-bottom (or flared as we used to call them) trouser suit, as close to the one Glenn wore for that show as she could find, along with a pair of retro stack heels. Mike Eriksson found the pics on the web and figured we might want to take a look. I figured some of you might also find this a tenuous but diverting connection to the world of Deep Purple. Makes you wonder if she plays bass too… And am I the only one who thinks the raised leg shot might actually be inspired more by Blackmore’s manic leap after the pyrotechnics went off?!

Check out the original Savage Beauty blog entry.

The photographer was Göran Magnusson

16 Responses to “Booted and suited!”

  1. Richard Erixon Says:

    … 200 must be an understatement. With Yngwie she must have seen it 300 times. She’s actually Yngwies FIRST girlfriend and the ispiration for the song Little Savage on the first album….

    Great song… great looking chick :D

  2. purpelaar Says:

    Like countless others I must have my dues for many years now. Its always the same, throw in a nice woman and she gets everything and everywhere.
    And I still don’t have a Blackmore autograph.
    I could try at a BN show but I want him to sign something like my Purple Vinyl Remaster from the 90 s and probably “someone” will stop me in my tracks.
    The only solution is to ask a nice ladyfriend of mine to use her charms and let her askl Ritchie for me. Although, she’s very young and blond.
    Maybe that will infuriate Candice.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Ritchie has form on destroying older stuff people give him to sign Purpelaar. I’ve seen him tear up record sleeves and photographs (including some of mine at a Rainbow show. The road manager brought out the two he had signed. When I asked where the other couple were he looked embarrassed and explained what had happened!).

  3. captainjjb Says:

    she’s 44, wow! The post before this are her first nude shots, she looks fabulous. Crikey, I’ve gone completely off topic. I must have watched Cal Jam hundreds of times myself so much that the definitive version is the original BBC one in my mind, the DVD still gets me confused!

    • simon robinson Says:

      There is a new version of the Cal Jam release being worked on right now, which I’m hoping will include the ‘BBC’ edit as well. My original plan was for this, with viewer optional alternate camera angles when available, but it was rather rushed out. Maybe we should get Tallee to do an intro – or perhaps commentary, Birkin / Gainsbourg style…

  4. vince chong Says:

    I don’t think this is tenuous connection-wise to the beloved purps at all! Anyone able to pay homage to Glenn’s fashion sense back than and have watched cal jam 200 times should have a page on DTB. Tallee, I think, has the hair down pat too!

  5. Mike Galway Says:

    200 times… so she has only just bought it then?

  6. Bill Pierce Says:

    Boy she definitely looks hotter than Glenn though, a real beauty! So she’s a true Glenn hughes fan? Well she’s rockin that outfit, I’ll give her that!!

  7. frodster Says:

    Is it too late to see if HEC have any Mk3 welcome packs available for us mere mortals? DC ltd edition Beach Towels, Deoderant (CFC Heavy & Funky) plus a Black Labrador Dog. Have I missed anything out funky peeps?
    Simon Ford, Glastonbury

  8. John Handy Says:

    … Well i never!? Looks like your right about the raised leg shot, but i think you’ll find Richie’s cuban heels were higher!!

  9. Mickey Says:

    She’s also one of Yngwie Malmsteen’s old girlfriends if anyone cares.

  10. Anthony Says:

    Yes, but happily her hair is not on fire!

  11. Drdp Says:

    She looks like a cross between Demi Moore & Courtney Cox! Was Glenn ever shirtless @ Cal Jam? Too bad!

  12. timinox Says:

    Hmmm… very interesting, however to complete the look, I think we should be shown the pix inspired from the 2nd half of the show where Glenn has NO TOP ON!

  13. Gary poronovich Says:

    ummm, heels??!!..what heels??!…what suit???!…;o))

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