Whitesnake cover mounted

I’m not really sure what to make of this idea of pre-launching the Whitesnake album via the magazine trade (see deep-purple.net). It clearly must make sense to the band’s new label (Frontiers), and I suppose in a year which has already seen HMV planning to close a number of stores, labels have to look for new ways to maximise the potential of new albums. Rather than do all the work of putting together a special edition themselves, this tie-up works for both sides.
I’m told the magazine expect to print around 35,000 copies, which is a hell of a good launch for any new CD these days. And clearly Classic Rock have a fondness for the band given their status in polls and awards of late (bemusing as it may be to some). That the edition is different to the one which will go on sale three weeks later in record shops is a tad worrying, even though on this occasion the bonus tracks are from a forthcoming live release (see below) so they’ll be available to all eventually. We’ve come to expect goodies being added to Japanese editions, but this is a bit closer to home!
The real loser in this has to be the record shop I suspect, and their only recourse is to make sure they stock Classic Rock magazine themselves. I know our local indie, the venerable Record Collector in Broomhill, carries several of the music related monthlies for example.
Will it work? Well probably yes. This has the element of a special limited edition, and won’t be on the racks for very long, so I guess I’ll be there buying a copy, but make sure I do so at Record Collector so they get the benefit.
As for Whitesnake fans, this is but the prelude to a slew of releases during 2011. The studio album will be followed by that aforementioned live set from their 1990 show at Donington (on CD and DVD – pre-order at the DTB store!), then a proposed acoustic album in the summer. Add to that the super deluxe book and a special guest slot on the upcoming world tour and Whitesnake should be everywhere this year. Let’s just hope the album lives up to the expectations.

The Classic Rock cover is shown on the website (www.deep-purple.net), and I was wondering which was the first magazine ever to feature David Coverdale solo on the cover. I reckon it was this issue of Pop (shown above) from early 1974. If anyone knows any better let me know. There is an extensive gallery of magazine covers which feature David Coverdale (and the rest of the DP crew) on the website.


11 Responses to “Whitesnake cover mounted”

  1. Ian Douglas Says:

    Does anyone know if or how this might get to Australia – some far-flung fans yes but real in their appreciation of Snake Music! Help!!!

    • simon robinson Says:

      I think the territory on this edition was quite strict Ian, but there may be people out there selling copies online. We asked the publishers if we could stock it but they weren’t interested.

  2. Mike Eriksson Says:

    Still have that german cover and article in my collection. Those were the days. It´s been a nice journey though. MIKE

  3. Martin Leedham Says:

    I agree entirely that it is an interesting idea but also a little worrying. Having spent most of my teenage years poking around in dusty old record shops, most notably the fantastic Record & Tape Exchanges in Notting Hill and Camden anything which appears to drive another nail in the coffin of ‘proper’ outlets brings me out in a cold sweat.

    on a lighter note lets hope this doesn’t give someone the idea of releasing one of those magazines you see advertised every year where you build up a collection of something week by week. I can just picture the advert on TV with avoice over from a Tommy Vance soundalike ……

    “Released week by week on 52 CDs the entire works of Deep Purple. Issue one comes with a special collectors CD with sixteen different versions of ‘Smoke On The Water’, includes a forty page magazine telling the story of the song and complete with cardboard cut out guitar with finger placement guide to play the riff the Blackmore way. Special introductory price 99p RRP £9.99”

    • simon robinson Says:

      Let’s hope no marketing guys have spotted that suggestion Martin! We are always amazed at these part weekly mags. The current one to build a model galleon is typical. It’s going to cost over £600 to buy the full set and make the model boat. You could buy a real one (of sorts) for that. Or get a copy of the Glenn Hughes book and some change. I’m also glad I don’t run a newsagent, shelving all the different titles must drive them round the bend.

  4. Mike Galway Says:

    It might have a nice mark 3 or 4 picture in the mag and therefore worth buying in my book-not that I keep a book on those sort of things, or any other thing really…..

  5. Marcelo Says:

    Damn it! I’m just “not able” to buy this Classic Rock Fan Pack right now! They are doing so much hype around this album … what makes me think
    it will be the last one from the studio of the Snake … : /
    I hope not!!!

    All the best!


  6. purpelaar Says:

    I suppose the magazine will be available only in the UK?
    I do buy Classic Rock now and then over here in Rotterdam at Central Station. I’m not sure if they will sell THIS as well.
    And what will such an edition cost me? Record Collector does the same deal?

    • simon robinson Says:

      I think this will be Europe wide. The price is set at round £15.00 in the UK, so not much more than a regular CD (well, I’m going back a few years to before discounting and VAT dodging obviously!).

  7. Gary Critcher Says:

    Would be nice if they issued (or allowed someone else to) the BBC sessions?

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