Blackmore’s Night interview

Mark Maddock sent me a link to a recent interview with Blackmore, itself quite a rarity. He talks about the most recent Blackmore’s Night album and future plans.  That’s Ritchie not Mark. It’s in the online section of Guitar International. Clicking that link will take you straight through.

Otherwise you might like to see this recent promo photo of the combo. Just what is that with the double necked guitar?

blackmore's night



2 Responses to “Blackmore’s Night interview”

  1. aussie paul Says:

    Ol’ blackers is lookin more and more like Bob Dylan every year!!
    Ditch yoko would ya Ritchie and get back to where you once belonged!!!

  2. timinox Says:

    That double neck is a lute/12 string combo, invented by Italian maestro Monteverdi in the 16th century, it is believed that he composed the early classic ‘forsoothe ye stairwaye unto the holiest heavens, gadzooks’ on it, a song which the 12 year old Jimmy Page learnt while attending bible classes at Kings College Cambridge..

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