Rainbow Deluxe (update 3)

UPDATE FEBRUARY 2011 • Originally mooted back in 2009, scheduled for Oct 2010, the two deluxe editions are shipping in February. DOWN TO EARTH is out now (and anyone who ordered from us will get there copy any day) and Rising can be pre-ordered at DTB Mailorder. The two unknown titles on Down To Earth turn out to be album tracks with totally different lyrics and vocals, an interesting look at the way the album developed.

As this is a new post on the album, if you want to read earlier comments from the old post, nip over to the Rainbow Deluxe Update 2 page which I’ve left up.

As Dave mentioned on the site, we’ll cover the Rainbow reissues here in a bit more detail (saves him even more work!). They are just about ready and we can give you the likely final track listings below, although do remember these are subject to change. On DOWN TO EARTH it’ll be interesting to see if the instrumental out-takes are as per the album or not. The list does show three unreleased tracks as well. RAINBOW RISING is also one of interest to the real hard-core Rainbow fans, though again it depends on how different the rough mixes are and the quality of the rehearsal recordings too. You can just imagine the reviews (“who wants three different versions of each song”) and fans going “well, we do!” Full marks then to the guys at Universal for trying. Here’s a cracking shot of Ritchie trying to work a fire extinguisher at one of the later shows…

Ritchie Blackmore torches his amplifiers

The packaging is quite lavish too; fold out double digipaks and 16 page colour booklets. And they’ve even got an alternate cover for the DTE booklet, which some of you will recognise when you see it. It’s funny, I was just bemoaning the lost opportunities which litter the Gillan remaster series (which on the reissues give fans nothing new whatsoever, and indeed even misses tracks out in some cases), so it’s good to see there are still some people out there who know what it’s all really about.

Down To Earth
Disc 1: Original Album
1. All Night Long (3:52)
2. Eyes Of The World (6:39)
3. No Time To Lose (3:42)
4. Makin’ Love (4:36)
5. Since You Been Gone (3:17)
6. Love’s No Friend (4:52)
7. Danger Zone (4:28)
8. Lost In Hollywood (4:51)
9. Bad Girl (7” Single B-Side, POSP 70) (4:50)
10. Weiss Heim (7” Single B-Side, POSP 104) (5:14)
Disc 2: Down To Earth – A Work In Progress (Previously Unreleased Bonus Tracks)
1. All Night Long (Instrumental Outtake) (4:41)
2. Eyes Of The World (Instrumental Outtake) (6:50)
3. Spark Don’t Mean A Fire (3:50)
4. Makin’ Love (Instrumental Outtake) (4:44)
5. Since You Been Gone (Instrumental Outtake) (4:00)
6. Ain’t A Lot Of Love In The Heart Of Me (4:58)
7. Danger Zone (Instrumental Outtake) (5:29)
8. Lost In Hollywood (Instrumental Outtake) (4:01)
9. Bad Girl (Instrumental Outtake) (5:02)
10. Ain’t A Lot Of Love In The Heart Of Me
(Alternative Outtake – Take 2 with mixed down vocal) (5:22)
11. Eyes Of The World (Instrumental Outtake – Take 2) (6:09)
12. All Night Long (Cozy Powell Mix) (3:54)
Rainbow Rising Disc 1:
(New York Mix):
1. Tarot Woman (6:05)
2. Run With The Wolf (3:43)
3. Starstruck (4:08)
4. Do You Close Your Eyes (3:00)
5. Stargazer (8:31)
6. A Light In The Black (8:11)
(Los Angeles Mix):
1. Tarot Woman (6:04)
2. Run With The Wolf (3:45)
3. Starstruck (4:04)
4. Do You Close Your Eyes (2:58)
5. Stargazer (8:22)
6. A Light In The Black (8:11)
Rainbow Rising Disc 2:
Previously Unreleased Bonus Tracks:
1. Tarot Woman (Rough Mix) (6:06)
2. Run With The Wolf (Rough Mix) (3:49)
3. Starstruck (Rough Mix) (4:04)
4. Do You Close Your Eyes (Rough Mix) (3:04)
5. Stargazer (Rough Mix) (9:08)
6. A Light In The Black (Rough Mix) (8:12)
7. Stargazer (Pirate Sound Tour Rehearsal) (11:29)
8. A Light In The Black (Pirate Sound Tour Rehearsal) (9:49)

20 Responses to “Rainbow Deluxe (update 3)”

  1. frodster Says:

    Is the Rainbow debut going to get the treatment?
    Don’t suppose RB would let our Rog loose on a remix?

  2. clive robey Says:

    Having now had the chance to listen to DtE (disc 2) extensively, I can only rave about it. The chemistry between Ritchie and Cozy is amazing. The hard work that Ritchie puts in just shows the versality of the man, and his vision in what would ultimately become great songs. The way that Cozy is mixed suggests it could also be a tribute album. Roger needs praise as well for the production, probably inherited from Martin Birch. More re-releases like this please.

  3. Jon Kirkman Says:

    I like the remastered albums in this pair of Deluxe reissues but also feel a little disappointed I would imagine that there are some live shows tucked away somewhere from the Risng tour in fact I know there are and I would have preferred the Live At Donnington show on Down To Earth they could have even included the video footage to that as I know it exists but no we just have to be happy with what we get and as I have said I like what I have but rather like Oliver Twist I would have liked more.

    Of the other Rainbow albums really I am only going to be interested in the first album and Long Live Rock n Roll; the Joe Lynn Turner years are fine for what they are but for me it is the Dio years that still hold the interest. Maybe they will pull all the stops out for On Stage as I know there are definitely more masters to choose bonus material from there but I guess we will have to wait and see! Here’s hoping.

  4. Gary Critcher Says:

    I’ve just received the ‘Rainbow Rising’ re-issue from Simon & Anne (thanks!). I’m not actually too sure about it. I seem to have bought the same album three times!! The ‘alternate mixes’ seem to me, to have negligible differences. We only get one ‘true’ un-released track. I would rather have a re-master of the original album, add a few rehearsal recordings and leave it at that, to be honest. If there is nothing else available from the archive (which there plainly isn’t), then just leave it at that.

  5. Roy Davies Says:

    A week into the Rising re-issue and I can’t shake a feeling of disappointment and frustration at what I see as an opportunity missed. Ok, It is interesting ( for a while) to compare the very slight differences between two mixes that eventually found official release in one form or another, although its the 2nd Cd I return to repeatedly; much like the recent Sabbath’s reissue of ‘Eternal idol’ and the demo extras (with Ray Gillan singing) the rough mixes here have a great live, rich and visceral vibe that opens up each of the five members performances that much more.

    But all in all further frustration abounds- as with the ‘rehearsal’ track which I was hoping for a sonic quality at least akin to ‘Days May Come’ ; after all it was the same set up location and soundboard-wise!, but which comes over flat, muffled and low-fi – frankly of arguable worth.
    Where is (as has been mentioned) the Tarot Woman take with the extended intro?
    I also often wondered just how long the band thundered away for after the various track fade-outs on ‘Rising’….I guess I’ll never find out now!! Another missed opportunity. I wonder what we can expect with the JLT years and ( gulp) the debut LP?

    • Jerry Says:

      Several people have commented on the lack of extra material for Rising, and as I have posted elsewhere, nothing else could be found in the archives. Universal still wanted to go with a double disc and the only option was to put on the different mixes. Not ideal although there are quite a few significant differences here and there, but the only other option was to have not included them at all. Regarding the rehearsal track alas the original masters could not be located.

  6. Mike Galway Says:

    This months Terroriser magazine gives it 10/10 but only 14/20 in Classic Rock- more about the remix than the music to be fair. Nice rare black and white shot of 4/5 of band but Ritchie looks legless.

  7. peter l crisp Says:

    Simon appreciate your response. This one is even better, looks as though the Japanese version has now got 21 tracks! Even more surprising it includes “Man On A Silver Mountain”. last track on side 2. Release date is around the 23rd of March. I guess too which is also good the Japanese always have lyrics. Simon i’ll keep you posted, seems as though the Japanese always have an extra track on all new hard rock releases.
    I remember buying “Infestation” from them, and an extra was included.

    • simon robinson Says:

      I would be surprised if the Japanese edition has more tracks. I assumed they’d been left off for ‘artistic’ reasons, in which case why would it be OK for one market to get them? It may be that Japanese dealers are also working from old sales information like we were. Anyhow, I have corrected our online catalogue info and also asked the guys at Universal about this. I just read one review which credited some of the bonus tracks as “Jerry Bloom’s LA Mix” – which if he was over there at the time he’s kept very quiet about over the years!

      • Jerry Says:

        I was as surprised as anyone when CR review referred to me mixing the album in LA! To clarify it for anyone who is interested, when the album was originally released on CD in the 80s a mix was done in LA but rejected at the time and a new mix done in NY. As I was involved in the project with Universal I suggested they included the LA mix, which had leaked out on the Japanese release and in my opinion was better than any previous mix. It includes a lengthier intro to Tarot Woman and bass and backing vocals are more prominent.

        I did email Pete Makowski who reviewed this in CR to set the record straight and I certainly didn’t mix it.

  8. brenski Says:

    Well well well…as we get nearer to release date it appears that something significant has changed regarding “Rising”…. the original listings detailed a 2nd cd with Previously Unreleased Bonus Tracks:
    1. Tarot Woman (Rough Mix) 2. Run With The Wolf (Rough Mix)
    3. Starstruck (Rough Mix) 4. Do You Close Your Eyes (Rough Mix)
    5. Stargazer (Rough Mix) 6. A Light In The Black (Rough Mix)
    7. Stargazer (Pirate Sound Tour Rehearsal) 8. A Light In The Black (Pirate Sound Tour Rehearsal) 9. Man On The Silver Mountain (Pirate Sound Tour Rehearsal)

    it now appears that tracks 8 & 9 are not included…any clues anyone?

  9. peter l crisp Says:

    Finally out, one thing i noticed, there are a total of 20 tracks listed for the
    “Rainbow Rising” deluxe edition, on Purple Net, as i am about to order a copy i notice on Amazon UK there are only 19 tracks and no “A Light In The
    Black”: pirate sound tour rehearsal mix, that’s a strange one? I wonder what the reason is?

    • simon robinson Says:

      It looks as if track twenty has been dropped since we were given the original data Peter, so must assume artist or quality control problems with it, or maybe timing over ran. Very frustrating! I will correct today on the catalogue.

  10. Roy Davies Says:

    I too have had the out takes on bootleg for a few years, although comparing this releases versions with the bootleg ones it sounds to me that although things have been cleared up during the remastering process, a few overdubs and studio tricks has been used to add on bits and pieces to make things slightly more interesting- naughty! For example the hi-hat figure on the EOTW intro is deffo a drum machine and not Cozy! There are times when you’d just love to hear RB mixed higher too, Lost in Hollywood for example, where he’s working away under Don’s very boring keys part. An opportunity missed. I fail to see the worth of a ‘Cozy’ mix to ‘All Night long’ either- all fans are more than aware of the guy’s ability on this album without this attempt. I’m not a fan of the sleeve either- a few more rarer pics (in focus) would have been good for a start, and its ‘Bad Girl’ not ‘Bad Girls’ ( see track list on the back) i hope that the ‘Rising’ re-issue is kept in context better than this one.
    (Roy was the author of the Rainbow Rising history some years ago. Simon)

    • Jerry Says:

      Roy – Any overdubs or studio tricks that you might hear come from the original tapes, and have not been done retrospectively for this release. People often confuse remastering with remixing, the latter requiring multi-tracks, whereas these outtakes came from stereo mixes, which have been remastered, which basically just involves tweaking frequencies.

      The Cozy mix has come in for a lot of criticism, despite my sleeve notes pointing out that it was a bit of fun. Sadly the sleeve notes that explained it in full were edited, and as a result some people think this mix was done specifically for this release. It wasn’t, it comes from the vaults, mixed by Cozy at the time, no doubt to wind Blackers up! The fact that the latter gave his blessing for it to be released suggests he has fond memories of the events of the time.

      • simon robinson Says:

        Curiously I have had an email from a chap who reckons to have been in the rehearsal rooms in LA (when Capt’n California was still handling things) and witnessed John Bonham come in and play Cozy’s kit one day – and claims to have a cassette of it. Will treat with pinch of salt for now but try and follow up. Must admit I hadn’t realised the alt CD mixes were done when the title first came out on CD, rather than being done back in the days of vinyl. Strange to go to all that expense really. I think I still have some of the Capt’n’s cassette of Rainbow rehearsals which he saved, but not listened to them in ages so figure they are probably copies of the stuff Cozy had.

  11. Carl Miller Says:

    The bonus tracks have been previously available on the Internet as demos and are probably Cozy Powell tapes. The two new songs are actually Loves No Friend and No Time to Lose with different lyrics. The instrumental versions are interesting as it allows you to hear a lot more of what is normally masked by the vocals. The second version of Eyes of the World has no keyboards, here Ritchie even picks his way through Don’s intro. The bonus tracks are not the final versions less vocals, they are early unfinished work in progress versions so overall worth having but unlikely to get played more than a few times.

  12. Steve West Says:


    I actually have the DtE and Rising Rough Mix bootlegs. If these bonus tracks are indeed the same recordings – albeit, hopefully, in a much cleaned up and enhanced form – I’d like to point out that they are not technically “out-takes”. They ARE the same performances that ended up on the finished albums. They are however roughly mixed and in some cases include musical passages that were later removed or mixed way down. Wonderful to see the Pirate sound rehearsal version of Stargazer and LitB included. I’m not sure what the NY and LA mixes refer to. I have a Rising CD with the longer Tarot Woman intro. I’m guessing that this is one of them. The normal UK release with the shorter intro is perhaps the other?

    Great news. Perhaps after RB sees how these sell likes hot cakes he’ll be even more willing to consider proper reissues of the remaining Rainbow albums…. I’m assuming that he has given his approval to these reissues?

    • simon robinson Says:

      Yes, Ritchie has been involved in the two releases, and through to approving artwork.

      • Jerry Says:

        Looking at the older blogs on the Rainbow reissues there are a few points that I think are worth clarifying. I see some people bemoan the omission of live bonus tracks. As I have been working with Universal on these as joint project consultant then the blame (if it can be viewed as that) is largely mine.

        I saw no logical reason to mix live material with the studio albums, not only because I personally don’t like live bonus tracks with studio albums, but the long term objective, once all the studio albums have been redone with bonus tracks, is to hopefully follow it up with a series of live releases.

        With respect to Down To Earth and the regular comments I have read about not including Donington, firstly even if we had decided to include the full audio, it would have meant turning it in to a triple disc, which from a commercial standpoint would probably not have got past the decision makers at the company.

        While the diehard fans who read such blogs might think that odd, a Best Of will always far outsell fancy deluxe packages. Believe it or not, as passionate as we all may be about extra tracks etc, we are most definitely the minority when it comes to the average consumer, which is why record companies make decisions that to some of us may seem odd.

        Finally with reference to a DVD of Donington. Unless anyone reading this knows otherwise, it is thought that the original film rushes no longer exist, only the 30 minute BBC edit. I have been told that independently from Roger, Don and Graham. But as I say, if any of you know differently please get in touch!

        But bear in mind, the multi tracks for Perfect Strangers can’t even be found!

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