Another Bolin guitar…

There’s a another Bolin model guitar out shortly over in Japan. Fender have released a Tommy Bolin model Stratocaster, which is a STRATOCASTER body  with TELECASTER neck. I have to say from the photograph I don’t quite get it, but doubtless it’ll mean more to guitar enthusiasts. I think I liked the airbrushed one they did a year or so back myself, just to hang on the wall! My thanks to Masaki Tanaka for the snap.

tommy bolin fnder guitar japan


10 Responses to “Another Bolin guitar…”

  1. glenn murray Says:


  2. Tommy langford Says:

    This was the guitar Tommy was using when I 1st. saw him in des Moines iowa playing with the James gang! What a show and band.
    They tore it up! I have put together my own but would love to buy the Fender pre built one! does anyone know when it will be released?

  3. gregg Says:

    I spent 2 weeks hunting this guitar down just to find out they won’t ship to USA. if anybody has one for sale please post. thanx. Gregg a BOLIN desciple.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Ain’t that always the way! There may be some contractural reasons why they cannot supply outside Japan, perhaps to protect sales of that fancy painted models the Estate did.

  4. Nigel Young Says:

    Already been done by EC, before Tommy and Steve. The ‘ex-Clapton guitar’ of Ritchie’s in ’69 was Strat body, Tele neck. If you’ve seen Blind Faith at Hyde Park, Clapton’s Tele had a Strat neck.

  5. erich Says:


  6. timinox Says:

    Tommy had a couple these cobbled together: if I remember rightly he had a white bodied strat with tele neck that was his favourite in his ‘Energy’ days (there was a letter in Kerranggg! in the early 80’s about some guy being in discussions with Tommy just before his death, Tommy wanting to buy it back), and he certainly had one in purple, the shots of him with the wine glass in front of him being the most famous. That one was a blond body which is as per the new japanese model. I believe that sticking an original tele neck onto a strat is problematic as the body joins are quite different, but presumably for the signature model they have used a different method… The tele neck is much flatter than a strat, so suited Tommys fat fingers!
    As for DP guitars, I’ve not seen any live shots of him with the hybrid – his usual live guitars being a sunburst strat (standard) and the Gibson les paul with ‘bigsby’ tremolo arm attached (and stars/stripes scratch plate). I think it would have been great if they’d issued it as a limited edition with an echoplex and a couple of HiWatt amp/cabs!

  7. Tony B Says:

    I am not keen on the above neck guitar combo as above as it looks like it doesn’t ‘fit’ to me – maybe will feel uncomfortable when playing as it looks wider? Only 21 frets as well!

  8. Bill Redford Says:

    Looks to be a replica of the guitar Tommy can be seen playing in the Don Kirschner Rock Concert program with The James Gang…I don’t know the story behind the Tele neck…but hey, Steve Morse’s “Frankenstein” guitar from the Dregs days was a Strat neck on a Tele body…go figure!

    If you want it, don’t drag your feet…these artist series guitars are usually a limited run.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Maybe Steve found the bits Tommy threw away? I have info on a black guitar of Tommy’s which has ended up with Yamaha (I think) in Japan, and hope to show some pictures of this soon. I love Timi’s idea of an LE with the cab and effects unit…

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