Package tour…

DPAS man Keith Livingston is based in Ireland, and quick to keep bands on their toes when it comes to missing out the country on their ‘tours’.  “After last year’s ‘duo of excellence’ with Purple and Glenn Hughes playing Belfast we are back in the wilderness. No Whitesnake or BCC gigs anywhere in Ireland on the upcoming tours. Mr C himself states that promoters were “not that interested”. Given that they sold out the 10,000 capacity arena in 2008 the promoters need slapping.”
It does seem a bit short sighted, but then in 2008 we weren’t watching the results of unbridled greed and self interest in the banking and property markets which has clobbered the country.
Anyhow, Keith has a solution. Pool resources. Put together a package tour with Black Country Communion, Whitesnake and Blackmore’s Night. It would pull in the crowds. They could advertise it as the Black and White and Minstrel Tour…

After making us all laugh here at DTB towers, Keith then goes on to blot his copybook by asking if we’re on Twitter.
No. There is only so much time in a day, so I went with Bebo. Not sure why I’m getting so little feedback from it these days though. I have just got my first mobile though…


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