John Vernon Lord

John Vernon Lord book illustrationBBC4 TV have a series on The Beauty of Books running right now. The camera work (lots of repeated shots and narrow focus work) is off-putting, but we stuck it for sight of books we’ll never see in real life (and to remind me to actually visit the British Library just to see one of the finest modern buildings of the last few decades!). Anyhow, a recent episode covered Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland and interviewed artist John Vernon Lord, who has just finished illustrating a new edition (which I think has been printed down the road in Sheffield curiously enough). Lord was the man who illustrated The Book Of Taliesyn sleeve back in 1968, chosen possible for his name, but also perhaps because John Coletta lived in Brighton where Lord was based.
Anyhow, a rare glimpse of a first class illustrator at work. The show is likely available on the BBC iPlayer and they have a habit of repeating on BBC2 and pretending the show is new…
Thanks to James Bateman.

JVL must keep a low profile as I couldn’t find a single photo of him but this rather nice portrait by Kenny McKendry is perhaps more appropriate anyway.

John Vernon Lord portrait


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