Woke Up This Morning

Tommy Bolin cover

Inspired by our posting a while ago of some alternate Bolin cover ideas, David Streeten emailed to say he too amuses himself in breaks between his regular design work by coming up with CD covers, and sent me two Bolin ones he’d put together not long ago. David has only had rough images to work with, but I thought they were worth showing people what can be done by people who are interested in the subject. Just to avoid any confusion THESE ARE ONLY IDEAS, not actual releases (the label got a bit antsy last time I drifted onto this subject).

Tommy Bolin cover
David got in touch late last year with some images of his home town of Christchurch which had suffered some earthquake damage at the time. Needless to say there had not been a word about this event on our parochial UK news channels… not so this time round.
So with the severe events of recent days we were pleased to get back in touch with him this week and hear the news that he and his are all safe, but had been without power and other amenities for some time. Indeed he was camped out in a tent for a while due to the aftershocks. Power, water and music are now back on.


2 Responses to “Woke Up This Morning”

  1. jim sheridan Says:

    On the topic of Tommy, do you know if on “Phoenix Rising” they did go ahead and dub the excellent audio from “This Time Around” onto the video of “Rises Over Japan”

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