You have no passes

mastermind chair

According to Ian Williams who just emailed, Deep Purple is going to be one of the specialist subjects on Mastermind, an edition due to be aired on Friday 18th March 2011.
Let’s hope this is more accurate than the last time one of the contestants had DP as a subject. They asked him a question, he gave the right answer, but they said he was wrong. We took it up with the producers (just to stir it a bit) and it turned out they’d been using a book which had erroneous data in it. Happily it didn’t affect the outcome on that occasion.
Anyway, if we remember to tune in, we can all have fun pitting our wits against John Humphreys whilst wondering how come a bloke of his vintage is OK for TV but a woman half his age isn’t. Nobody kicks the chair off despitebeing vintage (Charles & Ray Eames design, yours for just over £3K for a repro)…
[Mind you we’re on a real anti-BBC kick at the moment. I know Outcasts wasn’t brilliant but I like a bit of sci-fi and it had picked up, so we decided to stick the series out. Only to find the dunderheads have moved it from the regular slot without any warning; so we missed Episode 5, can’t catch up (iPlayer won’t run in our area), and have effectively been stiffed. If they’re going to do this every time a show wobbles, then you’re not going to bother starting to watch in the first place. The BBC is supposed to be a public service broadcaster, not a high profile US commercial network in thrall to advertisers].


6 Responses to “You have no passes”

  1. reidy Says:

    Think you’ll find that they asked him ‘which marbles singer was asked to join purple after gillan left’. He pulled a face and said graham bonnet, which was right but wrong, if you get the idea and they gave him the point.

  2. Roy Davies Says:

    I managed a decent (?!!) 12 points!!…. dropped a point on the place name of Purple’s debut live performance, (its my age….) as a result of my failure I’ve been sent to my room to re-read Charlesworth’s biog subject to a test next week by my long suffering offspring, who have remained cynically unimpressed as teenagers are meant to be…

    • simon robinson Says:

      As Charlesworth’s book is out of date on this, maybe be careful using it for revision in future. Mind you there is a slim possibility of an even earlier debut gig which people are investigating… Sadly I missed the show.

  3. Ian Williams Says:

    I wasn’t expecting to be name checked! The info was from Rob Birnie, DJ at Planet Rock, who announced this on his show having been contacted by the contestant himself, who is sworn to secrecy as to his score.

    If this sounds like I’m rowing to the shore from the lake of responsibility then you’re absolutely right. I’m under enough pressure as it is, undergoing my final revision for the Police Sergeants written exam on the 15th of this month. So if anything, my statement to you is hearsay evidence only and clearly inadmissible.

    Just like RB asserting he has to stop writing in the key of G in his interview with Alexis Korner, I must similarly refrain from all this legal parlance in my everyday encounters.

    Anyway, I’ll be on my way home from work when the programme is broadcast, so I’ll have to remember to record it and have a go when I get in. Whilst donning my Planet Rock Anorak, natch.

  4. koberk Says:

    Si, I hope the DP specialist does well, I’ll try and watch it.
    Re Outcasts; it really is Eastenders In Space, it’s so bleak. Moving an under-performing show to an out of peak slot isn’t classy scheduling IMHO. The argument is that the expensive peak-time slot can now be filled with a more successful show, thus giving good value for the licence fee.
    But I’m confused how you missed ep 5? Did you tune in at the usual time and not investigate the rescheduling of Outcasts on the BBC website?
    Are you certain that there was not a presentation announcement, ever?
    Keep your journalistic feet on the ground, you’re not the Daily Mail you know… KK

    • simon robinson Says:

      Yeah, sorry if I got a bit cheesed off over Outcasts. Apparently there WAS an announcement at the end of the previous week but, like many people, I always flick over to avoid being shown half next week’s show as it spoils the show – so we missed that! And what prime show have they filled the slot with this week? Traffic Cops With Cameras. And it’s a repeat. Tim Summers managed to burn me a DVDR to put me out of my misery.
      If I ever turn into the Daily Mail feel free to come round and shoot me with a Blunderbuss filled with my own sh*te!

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