Solo fest

Bit of a solo-fest coming up from the Deep Purple camp over the next couple of months.  It’s been a good while since his album Snapshot, but Roger Glover‘s new record is finally slated for June release. The CD is called If Life Was Easy*. The last we heard of this it was ‘almost finished’, and that was in 2007. Maybe he’s waiting for the next issue of DTB… It’s also changed titles, originally he referred to it as Close Up.
In contrast Don Airey* has narrowed the gap between his last solo album (A Light In The Sky*) and the next, and is looking as a possible April release in Europe.
Further away there is the possibility of an all new studio recording of The Concerto later this year, which Jon Lord is sorting out.
Over on the guitar front, Steve Morse has spoken of working with Billy Idol in the near future, and guesting on an Eric Clapton tour during 2011. Be very interesting to hear what he and ‘slow-hand’ could come up with together.

tony iommi and ian gillan who cares

Finally the Gillan / Iommi ‘supergroup’ Who Cares (what a strange name!) have a couple of tracks due out in March, though the formats and other info still hasn’t reached us. “On the flight home from Armenia we decided to write a song or two and form an ad hoc band – specifically for use on fund raising occasions – called ‘Who Cares’. Any live performances would be with a nebulous line-up and those plans are still on the drawing board, but we have made a move in the right direction by getting started with the writing. I visited Tony recently and we came up with a couple of songs that aren’t too horrible. Hopefully we can knock them into shape in the near future”, Ian Gillan told an Aremnian news agency. This will further the Rock Aid Armenia fund-raising project they both began over a decade ago with the Smoke On The Water remix* (which has just been reissued in a new package with an extra remix). The two new tracks were cut in early October 2010, with a certain Jon Lord helping out plus Iron Maiden’s drummer Nicko McBrain.
Lastly there are some Teaser Deluxe* sound clips up on the Tommy Bolin website now according to Damian Phelan. You can check them out following the link below (the CD release has been delayed by at least a week according to our distributors):

You can pre-order any of the above marked * via the DTBonline store.


3 Responses to “Solo fest”

  1. Nigel Young Says:

    “This will further the Rock Aid Armenia fund-raising project they both began over a decade ago…” Tempus fugit! Over two decades ago.

  2. Steve West Says:

    A studio recording of the Concerto! Now that does sound interesting….. but of course the Devil is always in the detail. Who will play and sing what. For me what makes the original Concerto performance/album to this day so exciting to hear is the tangible nervousness and edge of the knife delivery. Probably due not least of all to Blackmore and Gillan’s disdain and the Orchestra’s contempt of the downright effrontery of the project… Blackmore’s ad-lib guitar solo, Gillan’s – quite literally – last minute lyrics for examples. The 1999 performances, however technically impressive they were, were not a patch on the original probably due in large part to well rehearsed conformity.

    It runs the danger of being a very clinical and safe, surgically precise recording of what Jon envisioned from the off. Not necessarily a bad thing but how will it compare with the original? Either way I hope it sees the light of day and look forward to buying it…

    • simon robinson Says:

      It’s certainly true that the treasured original has an atmosphere which could never be replicated. I suspect Jon wants to lay down a studio recording which acts as the definitive version of his composition and becomes the blueprint for anyone who wishes to perform the piece in the future.

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