Fashion Trends Spring 2011

deep purple stormbringer t-shirtI must confess I haven’t got a clue who ‘Jessie J’ is. Probably some sort of teen pop sensation would be my best guess. And I have no intention of doing a web search, at least while the computer volume level is switched up! However she’s famous enough for The Currant Bun to have given her room in their fabulous showbiz column in early March 2011. But what’s this? What is she wearing? It certainly looks like a Deep Purple Stormbringer shirt to me. “Let’s hope she’s not being ‘ironic'” says Paul Harrison, who kindly sent me the scan.
I doubt it Paul, it’s probably not a word in her vocabulary yet.
It reminds me of the Girl’s Aloud snap we saw a couple of years back, with one of them wearing a similar retro DP shirt. Still you’ve got to take sales where you can these days. If anyone out there fancies following Jessie J’s trend, this particular t-shirt can of course be purchased through the DTBOnline store – but they do also have the bigger sizes.


3 Responses to “Fashion Trends Spring 2011”

  1. John Blackburn Says:

    well, having an 11 year old daughter, I can tell you a bit more, Jessie does have a bit of soul in her so maybe thats why Stormbringer features, she likes “shoeshine” music then! She’s a rising star certainly. Also she wants it to be know that she likes girls AND boys, apparently, this wouldn’t have been announced with such gusto in the 70’s eh!

  2. Arthur Says:

    Jessie J’s rock credentials are impeccable, she recorded her first demo CD at my friend’s studio a few years back ( and he in turn is lead guitarist with hard rock band Relay. Unlike the other teen pop sensations, as you put it, she writes her own material and has a great voice.

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