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UPDATE : Phoenix Rising is shipping from DTBOnline store May 23rd. To our surprise the vinyl edition includes the DVD as well, making it very good value. Anyone who wants to send us comments on the release please do and we’ll include some on the site.

The upcoming Mk4 DVD now titled Phoenix Rising is getting a lot of comment. The exact content of the discs is a little vague, and people have been asking for more. If we get any proper detail I’ll add it here. All we can do for now is publish the press release info (below). From this it seems that the only ‘complete’ footage on offer appears to be the Rises Over Japan half hour show, plus the Gettin’ Tighter documentary as originally announced (with new interviews from JL and GH and other clips), and material which was on the History Hits DVD last year such as the New Zealand programme. The Jakarta show and the new footage from the US tour in 1976 (which sadly turned out to be without audio according to one source) may form part of this. The DVD comes with an audio CD, which originally was planned to include a couple of unissued live tracks from the US tour, but these have now been removed, so it’s just stuff from Tokyo and Long Beach.
The format is NTSC so it will be playable worldwide. The blu-ray has the bonus audio on the disc. Rises does get a new surround sound audio if you have the kit though it’s a shame they haven’t managed to find the 100 minute edit of the Tokyo film which is now known to have been done. One online store was advertising a vinyl edition but this has been ruled out. There will however be a limited edition with a ‘book’, which comprises that old Record World Deep Purple special from 1976 reprinted.
And no I do not understand the cover either! Anything less like a Phoenix than Deep Purple Mk4 I would struggle to imagine… still, it looks like they spent more time on it than the last DP album cover.
The DVD can be pre-ordered from DTBOnline store. All orders through DTB help support the fan club. You can find a special Mk 4 sales sheet from DTBMailorder here as a PDF download.

PRESS RELEASE : The long awaited Deep Purple MkIV DVD titled PHOENIX RISING has now been set for release late May 2011 and will come in both DVD and BluRay formats.
The discs will feature the RISES OVER JAPAN concert from December 1975 in Full HD and Surround Sound, as well as the highly anticipated documentary “Getting’ Tighter”.

The first DVD to document Deep Purple’s turbulent last year before the band split in 1976.  Exclusive new interviews with Glenn Hughes and founder member Jon Lord that open the lid on the problems that beset the band as they toured the world: Death, drugs and devastation, which led to their eventual disbandment. Archive footage from the tour includes interviews with Tommy Bolin, David Coverdale and Ian Paice, while rare and previously unreleased concert footage includes performances of Purple classics ‘Smoke On The Water’, ‘Burn’ and ‘Highway Star’. Live versions of ‘Love Child’ and ‘You Keep On Moving’ from the MKIV line-up’s one and only album ‘Come Taste The Band’ also feature as part of the previously unreleased film ‘Deep Purple Rises In Japan’ – included in full, within this DVD.

Other highlights of this extraordinary and powerful documentary includes film from the start of the tour in New Zealand plus the coup de grace; recently discovered, previously unseen footage from the infamous concerts in Jakarta, Indonesia.  The darkest point in Purple’s career that saw the band ripped off to the tune of $750,000, but even worse, the tragic death of one of their crewmembers that resulted in some of Purple’s entourage arrested on suspicion of his murder – something no amount of money could have compensated for. A truly Unique film that reveals the excesses of life in the mid-seventies in one of the world’s biggest rock ‘n’ roll bands.


11 Responses to “Phoenix Rises”

  1. tet Says:

    Watched the documentary, thought it was a poor effort, could have got present day interviews from Paicey and DC plus others, half the doc is about the end of mk2 and the story of mk3, little new insight and too much about GH’s drugs problems, actually got a bit boring, not enough film footage of the band either. A very poor effort.

  2. Jack Says:

    Great documentary! Deep Purple MK IV has been underrated, but they came up with a much better and solid album (Come Taste the band), than Stormbringer (MK III last offering). And their performances were astonishing, when Tommy Bolin was clean and sober. A very complete documentary. Why is David Coverdale not in the interviews? Great footage of that up and down 1975/76 final tour. Deep Purple is my favourite band. Great job. Greetings from Aguascalientes, Mexico.

  3. Marcos Says:

    It is a shame for Japanese television has not kept the originals of the complete show 12/15/1975. I’m 44 and I think I will never see this show in its entirety. Pity.

  4. jim sheridan Says:

    What a frustrating piece of news.
    So, there IS some live unreleased material from the US tour – but it won’t be included.
    There WAS a 100 minute edit of the Japan show – but it’s not in this.

    I can see that if no one can find the Japan footage, it would not be included, but why not issue the US audio material? Most mark IV fans already have the Tokyo and Long Beach shows, so there’s less reason to buy any CD from this – I surely will not – but I’d happily buy the CD if it had some previously unreleased material.

    Despite that, I’m still eager to see the “Rises Over Japan” with good audio quality – I am hoping that they synch it up to the “This Time Around” re-mix rather than just tweaking the EQ on the poorly mixed original “Rises Over Japan”?

  5. Heimdall Says:

    Thanks Simon for putting that straight (re World At Large)… Sounds like a DC spoof to me! I’d sure like to see those 8mm some day…

    While I’m at it, and hearing that the unreleased (Springfield?) tracks won’t be on the album, has there been any developments regarding the MkIV soundboards?

    Vince – the Jakarta material is from a Indonesian documentary, which I sincerely doubt that the military that were in power back in 1975 had anything to with.

  6. Chris Parsons Says:

    It IS confirmed they filmed ALL of Tokyo? I’d love to see the Stormbringer performance just to see what happened to Jon. What a trainwreck that show was.

  7. frodster Says:

    ‘Wild Dogs’ not in original 30 min edit? Hope it sees the light of day, highlight of that particular show for me.

  8. Heimdall Says:

    Thank you for posting this. Agreed on the title… “Crash and burn” would have been more fitting. “the 100 minute edit of the Tokyo film which is now known to have been done.”
    Please enlighten us! I’ve always maintained that they likely filmed the whole show, but I’ve never heard of any solid proof of the material existing (except for the “Rises Over Japan” edit).
    Also, you wouldn’t happen to have any new info on the “World At Large” documentary?

    • simon robinson Says:

      It does seem as if much more of the show was filmed. A 100 minute edit was made but nobody seems to know where this is now. The World at Large film mentioned on the original Come Taste The Band cover credits turned out to be a spoof. Apparently some of the roadies had 8mm cameras and earned the nickname; and no we do not know what happened to the film, and doubt it would make family viewing if we did!

  9. vince chong Says:

    I had my reservations about this release as Mk 4 material is not in abundance but the documentary and film would be welcome even if the latter is in truncated form. My bootleg VHS copy is not the best quality. As for the Jakarta show – it would be nice to include it though I would struggle with paying the party that owns the film. I assume they are still the same lot that ripped off and likely caused the death of the crew member. I would suggest doing a number on them and release the best quality boot of the show available instead. I imagine a kings ransom is being asked for it. As for the sleeve, it is somewhat of an improvement on other releases and the Mk 3 logo is not too out of place here though I would not use it personally . Perhaps Phoenix Rising has some relevance to the original title of the film – Rises over Japan ?? It would have been a great release with the 100 min edit of the Tokyo show but time seems to be a factor in the search for it.

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