To boldly go…

I must confess I thought we’d been the victims of some silly April Fool-day joke when we first heard the news, but I’ve since been in touch with the producers who have confirmed that both Ian Paice and Ritchie Blackmore are lined up for starring roles on a new album by former Star-Trek Captain turned actor William Shatner.

Shatner doing his pre-studio vocal warm up exercises

Back in the sixties the ways to monetise your celebrity-ness weren’t quite so enormous – no videos, no DVDs, no Hello magazine. But one avenue was the vinyl album, and labels were quick to rush out records by celebrities who made it on the screen – big or small. The pre-requisite of being able to sing or play was seen as of little interest, and as most could not, various ways were devised to get around this. So there was William Holden on the cover of an album, but in fact all he had to do with it was recommend the tracks.

In Shatner’s case, as he couldn’t sing, they put the LP together and then had him ‘speak’ the words over the top. Slap a dreamy photo on the cover and job done. Needless to say the album acquired a cult following for all the wrong reasons, but Shatner has taken it all in his stride. Quite what however has prompted the idea of a follow-up we’re not sure, though it is all rock based material (including a version of Iron Man) and possibly linked to him having been given an Honorary Headbanger Award in LA this April.

Anyway the new one is due out later this year, titled Seeking Major Tom. We’ll keep you updated! And if you want to check out hunky William Holden, you can do so on the vinyl album sleeve art site I run, ST33!

As the Shatner CD seems to be for real, we’ve added it to our catalogue at DTBOnline store. If it turns out RB is NOT on it, we’ll contact you so you can cancl any pre-order!


6 Responses to “To boldly go…”

  1. Jason Says:

    After contributing to that G-d awful Pat Boone cover of SOTW, nothing surprises me. I think Ritchie should just wear a sign around his neck that says, “Will play with ANYONE who isn’t Ian Gillan.”

    • simon robinson Says:

      Like Jerry says we’re still fearful of being the victims of some RB practical joke, but if so the boss at the record label I’m in touch with is keeping a very straight face when he says it’s for real. Ritchie also did that Shadows tribute album some years ago, one I never did find or buy.
      The idea of Shatner calling an album Has Been (see Tim’s comment) is so good it almost deserves buying just for the title…

  2. Jerry Says:

    I’m still convinced it must be a wind-up! Can’t believe Ritchie would play on a Bowie song, given his lack of interest, for want of a better phrase, for the chameleon of rock!

  3. Tim Summers Says:

    I believe the follow-up to ‘Transformed Man’ was actually in (star date) 2004 when Shatters released ‘Has Been’ (a collaboration with Ben Folds) – included a natty cover of Pulp’s ‘Modern People’, as I recall.

  4. Nigel Young Says:

    Paice is on Space Truckin’, Blackmore is on Space Oddity.

  5. Steve West Says:

    It’s Rock SImon, but not as we know it!

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