New release roundup

The new releases just seem to keep stacking up! Here’s a quick round up: Phoenix Nights – sorry, Phoenix Rising – has now added a last-minute limited edition vinyl run to the formats. There will be just 2,000 copies of this worldwide, and it will we assume sport the flash artwork, which should look quite good at a decent size.
ian gillan charity single who caresIan Gillan has announced a physical edition of the Gillan / Iommi outfit Who Cares‘ debut single, a sop to us saddo collectors who don’t want to buy our music as downloads no doubt. It’s a two track disc and if you’ve missed it, Jon Lord handles the keyboards. They’re all featured on the cover. The lead track is titled Out Of My Mind.
The Black Sabbath / Ian Gillan tie-up album Born Again gets the umpteenth reissue shortly. Sadly they have been unable to find the master tapes, so a remix is not possible. Instead the album will be remastered, and they are at last adding the vintage Reading performance recording done for Radio 1 (the band’s only UK show) as the bonus disc, plus the single.
The Black Country Communion second album gets closer, and is available to pre-order. No news yet on final formats (they do seem to leave it later and later to announce these), but strange that the sleeve should so closely resemble a more polished version of the first – give or take a couple of crows.
Back to Blackmore, and as well as upcoming Blackmore’s Night shows (dates on the website), an Italian musical charting his life and times (I’m assured this is not a wind-up!) PLUS his special guest status on former Star Trek Captain’s new album Seeking Major Tom (along with Ian Paice), Universal are working on the next of the Remastered 2CD sets, Long Live Rock n Roll. We hope to have more news on content shortly.
You can find more info on a lot of these titles on the DTB Blog (, on the DPAS website ( and of course they can all be pre-ordered at DTBOnline (
Attached is a PDF catalogue sheet with the upcoming titles.

DTB Forthcoming April 1.0


3 Responses to “New release roundup”

  1. Mr H Says:

    Hurrah! Or so I thought at the news that the single was coming out as a real record. Until I saw Amazon wanted £6 for a 2 track single. So I took my hurrah back. I mean charidee is one thing, being mugged in broad daylight another.

    • simon robinson Says:

      You should have chatted up your local indie store, he did me a copy for a straight fiver! But seriously, we’ve looked into the cost of pressing vinyl, and it’s no longer the cheap and cheerful indie option it once was, especially if you’re only pressing 1,000. The negotiations with the BBC over the correct use of the logo alone took so many man hours… plus with some of the old singles now clearing the £100 or more, it’s a better option than whatever pension plan you’re paying into!

  2. David Says:

    Darn! No Remix…we’re ‘stuck’ with Butler’s bass. When were the Master Tapes “lost”? (in 82 ish?) Bootlegs that sound like mud are no replacement.

    A New Ian Gillan single sure is cool.


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