Glenn Hughes – biography / news

Glenn Hughes Biography advertGlenn has been interviewed a lot recently, with the Black Country release to promote, a final date for the biography and the tour/s. The biography is finally due out in October as a regular retail edition, with the luxury version out any time I guess (we were offered a free copy of this in return for the use of all my negatives of Glenn over the years. I declined. Sadly having that sat on the shelf won’t help pay the bills..!). It looks as if the US and UK book jackets will be different, and for sales reasons the book cover claims it tells his story from Deep Purple to BCC. I guess the delay in publication (the book was mooted as far back as 2008) has enabled them to cover this important new phase of Glenn’s career.
Anyway we look forward to reading the book as this would seem to be the first biography with any serious band member involvement since Ian Gillan’s efforts some years ago. Let’s hope this one has been fact-checked a little more closely! The book is available to pre-order from the DTBOnline store.

We have a new recent Glenn Hughes interview to read on the site.

The sleeve art for Black Country 2 is strange; it looks like someone took the first cover and just did a more polished version. To me the cover also makes it look like the band’s name is just Black Country, and the title is Communion. Still, it works well at iPod size which is what matters these days I guess. Low-fi odfficial audio samples of a couple of tracks are around on the web.

glenn hughes black country communion 2 cover
While with Glenn, we’re told that he has signed up to play on a Ronnie Dio tribute album which is being organised by Ronnie’s widow Wendy. She is thinking of having an auction of Dio memorabilia to help fund the recording, due out next year. You’d think there would be a label out there who would want to take this on, especially with musicians including Judas Priest’s Rob Halford, Foo Fighter’s Dave Grohl, Motorhead’s Lemmy, Skid Row’s Sebastian Bach, Fozzy’s Chris Jericho and Alice Cooper all up for appearing.
Mind you, it’s not an easy project to handle, given that Ronnie was close to the top of the rock and roll vocal division. More news as and when.


5 Responses to “Glenn Hughes – biography / news”

  1. Marcelo Soares Says:

    I’d sell my mother to be in a Mk3 reunion concert, but I think the old lady is pretty much safe.

    For a Mk2 reunion concert, I think I’d sell my CD collection. But I think it’s pretty much safe also, at least for now.

    To watch a Lord-Blackmore project, I think I’d work overtime for some months.

    That’s more or less how much I place the odds on each of the projects. I May be wrong and have to replace the endeared sale with the overtime somewhere, but anyway.

    Simon, how would you scatter the odds here?

  2. Tony b Says:

    Just a bit miffed to see prices for BCC at O2 in Leeds are at £45 a pop.

    Should be interesting read though and Glenn seems to be busy and enjoying himself.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Yeah, we saw the prices and did a double take and decided not to go. For the pair of us no change out of a hundred quid when you add travel etc. is crazy. I’m told the prices have nothing to do with the band and Glenn was irate when he heard.

  3. CaptainJJB Says:

    It would be fabulous for MK3 to do even a brief reunion – if nothing else to get Ritchie playing ROCK again for the first time in nearly 15 years. I hope however that it is done without wacky gimmicks such as a tour with other “ye olde” bands, orchestras, and all that kind of thing. Just get the guys to meet up, shake hands and ROCK again before it is too late – that’s all we ask for.

  4. Ian Douglas Says:

    It’s all happening for Glenn right now! So looking forward to the book and the BCC (BBC?) 2! Well done for a former Deeper actually doing something new AND different – cheers!

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