As some of you know I’ve been interested in photography for many years, especially the quirky urban stuff (the shot below of a less than appropriately named shop with European migrant workers gathering outside is one. I got such a look off them I quickly moved on!) .

Zen Shop Bridlington

Along with a friend, who is a landscape photographer, we have dipped our toes into the training field, offering opportunities to learn the basics of photo editing software like Photoshop. We both went on courses which were so high speed and techie we got quickly lost and felt we could do something which wouldn’t bewilder people. We are also doing ‘walks with a camera’, where a small group bring their digital cameras along – and we help them get to grips with some of the zillions of features and help people move on from the point and shoot level, out and about in the countryside. These days are run mostly in and around Derbyshire and the Peak National Park, but we have gone further afield where there is a demand. Plug over!

Peak Digital Training


One Response to “Plug!”

  1. purplepriest1965 Says:

    I ‘ve been interested in photography since I got hold of a ticket front row through the Rainbow Fanclan for the 1981 show in Rotterdam. I’d have very gladly taken part in your courses, if just for fun!!!

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