Phoenix Risen

deep purple phoenix rising advert

DVD REVIEW : First review can be read here.

UPDATE 2 : The audio version has entered the German album charts at number 16! (May 22.2011)

UPDATE : Phoenix Rising is shipping from DTBOnline store May 23rd to everyone who pre-ordered. To our surprise the vinyl edition includes the DVD as well (the sales info made no mention of this!), making it very good value. Anyone who wants to send us comments on the release or reviews please do and we’ll include some on the site.


9 Responses to “Phoenix Risen”

  1. mike whiteley Says:

    Any sign of a North American release date? From what I’ve read, the Europe-encoded DVD or Blu-ray won’t play in machines sold here.

  2. Heimdall Says:

    Thanks Simon. I assumed you were sitting on a stack of advance copies…
    Til next week then!

  3. Heimdall Says:

    Thank you for the info! Does the vinyl edition include the DVD with full packaging, or just the disc? Does the packing for the CD differ from the vinyl, DVD or Bluray editions?
    Grateful for any scraps of wisdom you deem to make public.

    • simon robinson Says:

      I’m stuck for an answer Anders. The problem is nobody ever sends us advance promo copies, and all the stock we order for the store will be sealed. So until I buy one and open it, I won’t know! But as far as I can tell, the packaging for all formats is the same, just fitted to the different size cases. We’ll know more next week.

    • Joerg Says:

      The vinyl includes the DVD in a simple cardboard sleeve with the album artwork…

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